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    Just a random question (ludwig breakbeats)

    Upon buying these, they came with a velvet drawstring cover for each drum. Has anybody experimented with using these things as mutes? In the questlove had them draped over the drums to show the muted version. I still can't believe how he put the bass drum one on lol. Anyway, I thought there...
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    Contact picks

    Do you have a acoustic that needs to be turned into an electric (without paying a ton of money,) there is such a thing as compact pickups that you can buy ranging from about 20$ and upwards. You simply stick it on the acoustic or cigar box guitar as it is not invasive. It just sits on there...
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    Who are your 5 fav drummers?

    Ok I'm gonna list 3 that I will omit why? Because I talk too much about them... 1) questlove 2) Travis Barker 3) Brendan steinekert 4) Maxwell osawa 5) Brett Reed: he was the original drummer from rancid. Very straight forward, concise, not too flashy, subtle nuances of greatness! I will post...
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    Is this the best kit for gigs?

    Or buskering? It has very minimal space to maintain, there are plenty of other YouTube vids. Check it out!
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    Cigar box guitars So there is this guy in my town who makes guitars out of old cigar boxes. He makes diddly bos (one stringer s) and 3 stringers in the key of g d high g. He is in the YouTube for his craftsmanship. He also sells them out of the farmers market prairie...
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    Hip-hop head here

    I've noticed on the YouTube that there are many covers of this song, this is just one of them. The song is shook ones by mobb deep and I'm playing it on my questlove breakbeats with some brushes. Again , not the best cover or sound.
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    Any fans of rancid??

    So basically they're a punk rock band from California, consisting of 4 punks and the replacement of one of them. They used to have a drummer named Brett Reid (check out 5 minute drum chronology of rancid on the utube) they replaced him with Brendan steinekert (ex drummer of 'the used') which...
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    Solar cymbals

    I believe these are the cheapest form of sabian cymbals. I used them lol. Does anybody else? I also bout the 7 inch hand cymbals and made a hihat with those.