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  1. vintagedrumjunky

    Very nice Ludwig Citrus Mod set on The Bay

    So do multiple listings sometimes..
  2. vintagedrumjunky

    Ludwig engraved Black Beauty, 70's (?), Sandy Slavin

    Yeah, Fire Down Under was Riots best album IMHO.
  3. vintagedrumjunky

    Very nice Ludwig Citrus Mod set on The Bay

    I agree, at that price, this kit needs to be literally perfect..
  4. vintagedrumjunky

    Ludwig engraved Black Beauty, 70's (?), Sandy Slavin

    Sandy used to live in Phoenix, I am not sure if he is still here....I sold a lot and purchased a lot from him over the last 10-15 years or so, I haven't seen him in a few years. Years before Sandy played for Ace, he was in a band called Riot, they did some great Rock-n-Roll. I remember seeing...
  5. vintagedrumjunky

    Ludwig Pro Beat in Walnut Thermogloss

    The snare in the picture is a fairly modern Ludwig..
  6. vintagedrumjunky

    Ludwig Pro Beat in Walnut Thermogloss

    It doesn't have a matching snare..
  7. vintagedrumjunky

    Ludwig Pro Beat in Walnut Thermogloss

    I looked at this set in person. Other than the shell damage inside the bass drum (appears someone dropped it on one of the spurs), which was not disclosed before making a long trip, there were other things that just didn't look right. In any event, I offered him $800, he passed. Good luck to...
  8. vintagedrumjunky

    ....... Sweet Rogers Score .....

    I have a 6.5 x 14 Holiday red glass glitter snare drum that would go great with this set. Any interest in selling this set? I also have a few Keystone badged 6.5 x 14 Supraphonics from the 60's, any interest in trades?
  9. vintagedrumjunky

    Love old advertising finds!

    Here is one I picked up about 6 months ago..
  10. vintagedrumjunky

    What is your idea of a blues band?

    The original Muddy Waters band, hands down. Little Walter, Jimmy Rogers, Otis Spann, Elgin Evans and Willie Dixon...these guys, along with Howlin Wolfs band, ruled the Chicago Blues streets during the 1950's.
  11. vintagedrumjunky

    Ludwig keystone 2 wrap pattern...Black Diamond and Sky Blue?

    Sometimes there is no accounting for taste...
  12. vintagedrumjunky

    Camco in a blue ripple?

    That's Dickweed...
  13. vintagedrumjunky

    OT: Corvette

    I have owned a 72, a 94 and 96. The 72 was a pain in the ass, just because it had old technology. I liked my 96, it was tight, fast and fun. I had the LT4 330 horsepower 350 with a Saginaw 6-speed transmission (one of the best manual transmissions available), it was a potent little car, that...
  14. vintagedrumjunky

    John Siomos & His Dark Green Ludwigs

    In March of 1976, Bill Graham put together a concert at Sun Devil Stadium in order to film live footage for a remake of "A Star is Born", featuring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. The line up for that day, was Graham Central Station, Montrose, Santana and Peter Frampton. My dad took...
  15. vintagedrumjunky

    Are there any late 60's, Keystone badged, walnut Thermogloss kits out there

    Alright, with the help of our moderator, I was able to get my identity back, thank you!
  16. vintagedrumjunky

    Citrus Mod Jazz Fest Redux

    This seller is out of his mind! You have an early 70's Jazzfestival, which has been altered, so the drum itself, is worth no more than a couple hundred dollars. This leaves almost $2200, a prospective buyer, is expected to pay, for a small piece of harvested Citrus Mod wrap, come on, this is...
  17. vintagedrumjunky

    Ed Shaugnessy's drums for sale. Wow.

    Since the seller is not really hip to the actual age of this set, and the fact that this set is still hovering around on Ebay, I wonder if the seller is even aware that Ed passed away?