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    Advice on selling whole, electronic converted set?

    Hello, I haven't posted here in quite awhile and the reason is I haven't been able to play in at least 6 months. If you search my posting history, one big thread was on drumming giving me a, literal, headache. I've tried a bunch of solutions, including a lot of time off and it hasn't gotten...
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    Any thoughts on my A to E conversion plan (so far)?

    For reasons of noice (both my own hearing problems and family considerations), I'm looking at converting my acoustic set to electronic. It's a Tama Starclassic B/B with 2 up, 2 down. This is what I'm looking at so far. - Roland TD-25 module: I found an excellent deal on one and that's largely...
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    Thinking I might have to give up drumming.

    As I posted many months ago, I played from 10 until my late 20s and had to give it up for practical reasons (job, living situation, etc). About 6mo ago, due to a few things that inspired me, I decided to take it up again and went in full bore. I bought a leftover Tama Starclassic B/B kit and...
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    question on holding sticks (matched, American grip)

    In an effort to keep the volume down, I bought a pair of 7As (Promark firegrain, I like them). However, due to the length, I tend to hold them so the butt end of the stick doesn't extend past the back of my hand. Is this bad for some reason? In most cases I see an inch or so extending past.
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    Downsides to converted acoustic drums compared to e-drums?

    As the subject says, if I were to convert an acoustic kit (the Yamaha Manu Katche Jr seems ideal, or maybe something used) to an electronic set with triggers, is there any major downside relative to a good electronic set? I'd put mesh heads on the acoustic set and I'm not quite sure about...
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    Techniques for curing snare buzz?

    The issue here isn't snare buzz when hitting the toms, but snare buzz when hitting the snare itself. I get buzz after the stroke and, particularly, when hitting the snare off-center. I've tried both an Evans coated G1 and Evans EC reverse dot and both have the same issue. It's highly likely...
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    Any thoughts on these snares?

    I need a new snare to complete my new set and these are the three I'm considering (in order of price low to high). I'm currently using a Ludwig Supraphonic 14x5.5 but I'd like a wood drum for a bit more warmth. - Sakae 14x5.5 Birch - Mapex 14x6 Cherry - Tama Starphonic 14x6 (either maple or...
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    Speaking of Ludwigs, any thoughts or tips on restoring this set?

    I got this set as a present from my mom in 1982. As the pictures show, it's a Combo and was, I believe, their bottom of the line. It was a 5 piece with 12, 13 and 16" toms, 22" bass and a 14x5 Supraphonic snare. The shells are 6 ply maple and all but the small 12" tom have a grey interior...
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    Two cymbals on one stand?

    I have a 20" K ride and a 16" thin Zildjian crash. I'd like to mount them both on one Tama boom stand by using the stand's boom for one and a Tama Fast Clamp w/boom arm for the other. So far, I've tried this on a Roadpro single brace stand and it really didn't seem stable enough. I need to buy...
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    New member intro and questions from some who hasn't played in > 20 years.

    Hello, As the subject says, I haven't played in a long time and I'd really like to start again. I played from the time I was 11yo until my late 20s (I'm 51 now). I was in hs marching band and DCI drum corps as a teenager, played in a few bands after and then became too busy, etc. Part of the...