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  1. tomo221

    Cheap, ugly hardware bags!

    Not so sure I agree with the if-one-breaks-just-keep-replacing-it method. Creates a lot of unnecessary, non-biodegradable waste.
  2. tomo221

    Transcendent Advice from Genius Drum Guru

    "one two three four five six se ven.... 7 .... 4." Genius.
  3. tomo221

    YOUR...Favorite HARDWARE Case & Why???

    Ahead Ogio. They offer three lengths, and I use the shortest one. My lightweight stands (DW, Tama) break down small enough to fit, along with legs, tom arm, pedal, and stick bag (throne top goes in a different case). Built like a brick, handles where I want them, fits just about anywhere in my...
  4. tomo221


    Excellent condition. Gigged since the beginning of 2020 ..... which is to say, not very much (thanks COVID). I really dig the sound of this drum, but I just have too many snares right now. It has a Remo Controlled Sound head and some Canopus wires, but I’ll throw in the unused Ambassador and...
  5. tomo221

    Somebody please make drums out of these...

    Maple. Keller, I'm pretty sure.
  6. tomo221

    DW big round lugs

    This is true on paper, but it varies in practice. DW's rule is that they won't sell more than 1 or 2 lugs to their dealers at a time specifically to prevent - or at least hinder - knock-offs from being made. Now, if a dealer constantly orders 1 or 2 lugs and amasses a stockpile of them, anyone...
  7. tomo221

    24" Ride Cymbal

    Agop Joey Waronker signature ride gets my vote.
  8. tomo221

    Mark Giuliana Switches to Zildjian

    Uma Thurman pulled it off in Kill Bill pretty well too. But obviously that was a nod to Bruce Lee, so...
  9. tomo221


    A nightmare. That's what it would be.
  10. tomo221

    Mark Giuliana Switches to Zildjian

    Yes, I forgot to mention the Mehliana album, and the Donny McCaslin albums too. He rips on that stuff!
  11. tomo221

    Want a 24/13/16 project?

    Hope the mods don't mind this, but I figured I'd link to some project shells/hardware I'm looking to unload over in the For Sale section:
  12. tomo221

    Is 20/14/12 configuration capable of many genres?

    +1 for the 15" floor tom. 20/12/15 is my jam. Lots of available makes and models, but certainly not everyone offers them. 20/12/16 would be my second choice, but I've played 20/12/14 in the past (rock and 'jazz') with good results.
  13. tomo221

    Mark Giuliana Switches to Zildjian

    How old is the video this screenshot is from? While I don't think he ever officially endorsed Yamaha, I know he used Yamaha a lot in his earlier days. He was gaining popularity in the NYC scene right around when some other heavy hitters like Carlock and Danziger were switching to Gretsch (from...
  14. tomo221

    Somebody please make drums out of these...

    And more here:
  15. tomo221

    Somebody please make drums out of these...

    Pics here: (I didn't set up all the parts, but there are enough lugs, rods, and claws for all drums - 20-lug kick, 12-lug tom, 16-lug FT)
  16. tomo221

    Somebody please make drums out of these...

    I dabbled in drum building many years ago, and got out of it. Then about 3-4 years ago someone on DFO was selling a bunch of nice shells and I thought I might have a go at it again. Then life happened (house, kid, new job, yada yada), and here these things sit. So please, someone take these...
  17. tomo221

    Mark Giuliana Switches to Zildjian

    But what if they really feel like they're "home" now??? :rolleyes:
  18. tomo221

    Mark Giuliana Switches to Zildjian

    Personally I'm kinda bummed about it. I mean, I get it: it's business and all. But from the creative/artistic side of things, which is kind of why any of us care about music in the first place, I think Sabian offers SO many unique sounds, and Mark really knew how to pick - and play - them...
  19. tomo221

    Quick pick drum throne

    First Chairs are fantastic, across the board. But as long as you're not going with the hydraulic Gibraltar, the 9608 should be equally solid. I've seen lots of issues with Gibraltar's hydraulic tripod bases.