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  1. K.O.

    Cool finish technique I'd like to try someday.

  2. K.O.

    Creating New Standards In Bass Head Logos

    Fiddling around with my Cricut machine I designed and made a new logo to use on my Ludwig Standard sets, emphasizing the "Ludwig" over the "Standard" moniker. I think it works rather well.
  3. K.O.

    How to make your own Ludwig style vintage badge grommets.

    Over the weekend I was working on a rewrap project that I'd had in the works for a bit. I was so proud of the way the badge grommet turned out I decided to show it off by posting a couple of pictures at some Facebook groups. I also mentioned that I make my own brass grommets to use on drum...
  4. K.O.

    SWEET Drum Solo

    Starts at 2:45 mark. One of my favorite bands back at that time. In retrospect almost verging into Spinal Tap territory but I loved them when I was 12...
  5. K.O.

    For my post #20,000 I give you this....

  6. K.O.

    Ludwig Oyster Blue Pearl and Rogers Blue Strata Pearl

    I was under the impression that Ludwig's Oyster Blue Pearl and Roger's Blue Strata Pearl, while similar, were different wraps. Now after peeling a piece of badly damaged Oyster Blue off a tom I'm fairly certain they are the same wrap after all. The difference in the two are the dark areas that...
  7. K.O.

    Kick It! New Book on Drum set Evolution

    I just stumbled onto this new book on Amazon that was published last February. "Kick It: A Social History of the Drum Kit" somehow passed under my radar despite my being at home and on the computer all the time from March to July. Of course I have it ordered now, coming day after tomorrow...
  8. K.O.

    Any Tips on Using Tune Bot?

    I picked up a Tune Bot Studio the other day at a local pawn shop. It wasn't something I was actively seeking but it was just 40 bucks and I had pondered buying one in the past. I haven't really messed with it as yet other than sticking it on a drum when I got home to verify that it did work (all...
  9. K.O.

    Cricut machine...DIY bass drum logos

    I picked up a new Cricut machine last week (an "Explore Air 2") at Walmart with the thoughts of being able to create and cut my own bass drum company logos and/or band logos. I'd been pondering buying one for a while and finally decided to get one. I bought the in-between model, there is a more...
  10. K.O.

    The Cleveland Drummers

    This morning there was a story on NPR about the Cleveland Indians looking for a new name and, apparently, one of the names in consideration is "The Drummers" . I have no idea what the possible connection to that team might be (whatever the tiny fraction of my attention is that is spent on...
  11. K.O.

    New Ludwig Legacy Jazz Festival

    So, as I mentioned in a couple of other posts I just bought an Oyster Black Legacy Jazz Fest snare drum. I'd wanted one since they were introduced. It seemed obvious that Ludwig had maybe learned a lesson from Gary A. selling 15 (or however many he sold, last I knew they were nearly all gone) at...
  12. K.O.

    Why Precision?

    A couple weeks ago I was on the phone with Precision Drum Co. about ordering some custom sparkle wrap (burgundy sparkle) and I asked them what their current supply of 60's Oyster Black looked like as I had another project in the works that I needed some of that for. Of course a verbal...
  13. K.O.

    Kelly Shu Advice?

    So I've had a new Kelly Shu internal bass drum mic mount that I bought a couple years back but never used. Haven't even opened the box. I just recently bought a 24" Gretsch bass drum and I thought I might give the mount a try on that drum. I'd most likely be putting a Shure beta 52 onto the...
  14. K.O.

    12 hour road trip for a drum

    Traveled to a small town fifty miles south of St. Louis today to pick up a drum. It is a 24" bass drum so shipping was going to be prohibitively high. It was a sweet deal without the shipping but too much with it factored in. 70's 14x24 SSB Gretsch in black nitron. Beautiful condition but it's...
  15. K.O.

    Need a Ludwig p1610D double tom holder mounting plate.

    Looking for a diamond base plate for a Ludwig bass drum. The newer style with the notches for the memory lock. Figured I pick one up at the Chicago show...but, not. I could just order a new one but thought I'd check here first. Thanks.
  16. K.O.

    10 years ago a free drum set fell out of the sky and into my lap.

    With all this free time on my hands I was perusing some old drum magazines including the much missed Vintage/Classic Drummer. Thumbing through an issue from 2010 I stumbled onto this page and was immediately reminded of the stunning phone call I received from Billy Jeansonne just prior to...
  17. K.O.

    What is Hip? This, for one thing

    Stumbled onto this while putzing around Youtube OMG, this hits me on several levels...some better left unsaid...but just, wow.
  18. K.O.

    Duluth snare in action

    This thing is amazing! Worth every penny. Even worth the arm strain from hauling it around (25 lbs). Here's a video that sorta kinda shows how good it sounds...but in person, wow!
  19. K.O.

    Real or Rewrap? Psych Red tom

    This drum popped up on my ebay radar this morning. I'm curious what others think about the wrap. To my eye in the more distant pictures it looks like the darker "splotchier" repro Psychedelic Red that came on the Element SE series drums and is now available from Jammin Sam. The closer up...
  20. K.O.

    Amazing Grace, Aretha!!

    Started watching Amazing Grace on Hulu last night. This is a concert film/documentary of Aretha Franklin recording a live album of gospel songs at a church in Los Angeles in the early 1970s. The resulting album was a best seller but the film (shot by big time Hollywood director Sidney Pollock)...