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    Backing tracks for training

    Hi, here is my channel with backing tracks for training skills and fun. There are a lot of funky, fusion and jazz standards.
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    Drumless Backing Tracks

    Hi, try my drumless backing tracks on my channel on youtube. You can enjoy a lot of fun or training many funky a jazz standards. For example: Chameleon: The Chicken: Spain: Take five: Donna Lee: Mercy, Mercy, Mercy: And more than 150 another...
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    Drumless Backing Track For Training

    Hi, I was looking for some backing tracks for drummers a couple of months before and it was a problem. From that reason I decided to make some of this track. Because it was hard, I dont want to let it for myself. So if you want, you can enjoy this tracks on Youtube. There are about 70 tracks...