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    1969 Rogers Londoner (Black Strata Pearl) looking for good home

    The kit is a 1969 Londoner (same as played by Dave Clark)... 13, 13, 16, 22 with a 5.5x14 Powertone COB snare. From what I can tell it is a "transition" kit from when Rogers moved production from OH to Fullerton, CA. It has all original black strata pearl wrap. It comes with all original...
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    1969 Rogers Londoner in Black Strata Pearl

    I bought a 1969-era five piece Londoner kit (13, 13, 16, 22 with 14 chrome snare) a couple of years ago from the original owner. From the labels it looks like it was a "transition" kit during the time production was moved from OH to CA. I did a lot of research and all the shells appear to be...
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    Help Dating Ludwig Kit

    Newbie here, Looking at a Ludwig kit seller claims is from 70s. Picture is not too good but badge looks like black and silver parallelogram with rounded corners. Can't tell if serial number is on badge or not but if it is, there is no box around it. Seller provided these serial numbers...