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    Drum Kit(s) You totally Regret Selling

    Hello there fellow DFOers! It's been a while for me since I have been on here, but tis thread caught my attention! I acquired a pretty nice collection during my years of active collecting, and then of course life got in the way and I had to sell some off. I STILL have some pretty nice drums...
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    Spring cleaning - hardware - Rogers, Ludwig, Slingerland, Camco

    Bunch of hardware to clear out! Not sure what some of these bring nowadays, but I will price what I would like to get. Otherwise make an offer. Some things might be cross-posted on the 'bay. I have done a light cleaning on most, but may not be reflected in the picture (did it after). Not my...
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    Show us your project before and after pics

    Ok, here's one that's a bit different. Not really a restoration... Before: After:
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    Ebay/Craigslist heads up for vintage drums-the official thread

    It's original. It's mine. I guess it's already in the DFO! ;-) Some of the old-timers have seen it in person (you know who you are!). No re-wrap. Original calf heads, too. Here's the rest of the gang...
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    Dynastic 10x14

    Serial is 44666. That puts it around 1970, right?
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    Dynastic 10x14

    They are asking $150. Maybe cut it down the center to a 6 1/2 and re-wrap? That's the only way to keep the bearing edges and re-rings.
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    Dynastic 10x14

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    Dynastic 10x14

    So, what is a 10x14 wood dynasonic worth? Does not have the snare frame. Light blue wrap. I'm sure a marching snare doesn't bring as much.
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    Vinnie's Back With Sting!

    Link? Can't find....
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    Vintage snare sound!

    And the correct answers are????
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    Vintage snare sound!

    OK, I'm probably all wrong too, but... A - Supra B - Jazz fest C - Acro D - Pioneer E - Super F - Slingy Alum G - Ludwig Anniversry H Slinger-Leedy
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    Buddy Rich's many talents !

    Actually, Lucy is great here - despite the script. She portrays the quintessential doting Mom to the tee. Buddy, IMO, is not the bad. He knows the script is lame, but he is giving it the old Vaudeville try. The kids are bad, but they should be much better having been in the biz for so long...
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    Tired of Ebay and all their fees...check this out !

    I just registered. Hey, maybe I can tell my grandkids I was one of the first 100 to register! ;-) In order for this to work the word will have to get around, but once it catches on... I applaud your efforts. I have learned to hate ebay.
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    OT: what happened to me last night....

    As mfryed2112 said, but much longer and NO MEDS! Went to bed, and woke about 10:30 with a feeling like someone was reaching in a squeezing my Kidney. Like a cramp. Then it continued to get worse, came in waves. I was rolling around, sweating ALSO tried to crap, throw up, pee, anything. This was...
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    Leedy, and Radio King

    Yes that is my ad. I have that very snare posted in the sale section in which I state that the zoomatic replaced a 3-point (not by me). RK snare So there are holes that were filled. There is also some stable rering separations. Not too bad. It's a nice drum. Wrap is original. Upon further...
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    Songs/Guitar Solos That Make You Cry...

    +2 ... and a great Jack Bruce composition!
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    Songs/Guitar Solos That Make You Cry...

    +2 ... and a great Jack Bruce composition!
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    Gretsch Round Badge

    Champaign Sparkle, of course! And cut back the wrap from the bearing edge. If done right it will work great and not show.
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    Paiste Twenty Masters. Soundfiles are up!

    I am loving the Twenty series samples. I have been searching for Jim Gordon's ride sound on Layla and to my ears these two come pretty close: Twenty Masters Collection Deep Ride 24" Twenty Masters Collection Dark Crisp Ride 22" Th ey both have a shorter sustain with a strong ping, yet a nice...
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    Bonham Paiste Cymbal list

    Say, vintagemore2000, where you from in NC? I grew up in Southern Pines (near Fayetteville)