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  1. maxdis

    A Freak Beat (Percussion Loops, episode 2)

    In this second episode of the "Percussion Loops" series I made a short composition inspired by the simple melodies of African music, also using traditional instruments such as Kalimba and Djembe, alongside others not belonging to that culture, such as Cajon and self-built copper bells. The...
  2. maxdis

    Aphex Twin - “Flim” (melodic percussions, cajon)

    In this new video I played my own arrangement of the Aphex Twin song “Flim”, using only acoustic percussions (Cajon, Glockenspiel, Bells and Xylophone) and no electronic sound (despite the original song being entirely electronic). The full video is visible on my Youtube channel , to which you...
  3. maxdis

    After The Lock (Percussion Loops, episode 1)

    This short piece was made entirely with percussion instruments, playing and recording every single part, adding them in real time one after the other with the looping technique. Listening with headphones is recommended, especially to catch the very low frequencies of the Udu drum. The complete...
  4. maxdis

    Chris Dave - "Vanguard" - complete drum transcription

    Hi, just uploaded a complete transcription of the drum part played by Chris Dave on the "Vanguard" track, from the José James "No Beginning No End" album. Download the transcription PDF for free at (in the "Trascrizioni" section")
  5. maxdis

    Bill Stewart - "Wee" (bass trades) - drum transcription

    Hi, just uploaded a transcription of the drum trades played by Bill Stewart on the "Wee" track, from the John Scofield Trio "EnRoute" album. Download the transcription PDF for free at preview:
  6. maxdis

    Questlove - "Break You Off" (outro) - transcription

    Hi, just uploaded a transcription of the amazing drum 'n' bass groove played by Questlove on the "Break You Off" outro, from the Roots "Phrenology" album. Download the transcription PDF for free at preview:
  7. maxdis


    In this new video, as in the previous "3 kinds of 5", I play another self-made instrument, again with metal tubes, but in this case aluminum ones (while in the other video they were copper). The sound is therefore richer in high frequencies, but also lower in volume; also the scale used is...
  8. maxdis

    How to be creative with the hi-hat

    In this lesson we will discover a method that will allow us to insert the hihat pedal sound at any point of a rhythm, thus creating original grooves that will have an additional layer of rhythmic complexity than usual. Download the syncopated sheet from...
  9. maxdis

    How to create many hand-foot combinations

    In this lesson we ‘ll talk about a method that will allow us to create a large number of phrases using combinations between the hands and bass drum; these phrases can then be used while soloing or as fills. The method is based on syncopated rhythms, which will then be interpreted on the drums...
  10. maxdis


    "Roundness" was originally composed as an electronic piece, but in this performance the parts of the main synth are rearranged for the xylophone: these are two sequences that are repeated for almost the whole song, each in 5/4 but which, due to the bass harmonic rhythm, they are also perceived...
  11. maxdis


    This new song was built starting from some patterns played with the Steel Tongue Drum, which constitute the skeleton of the entire composition. The xylophone, bells, drums and bass were added to them. Listening with headphones/earbuds is recommended.
  12. maxdis

    In a year

    In this composition I’m mixing traditional instruments (drumset, bass, xylophone, glockenspiel, Rhodes) with electronic sounds.
  13. maxdis

    3 kinds of 5

    In this new song, entitled "3 kinds of 5", there is a self-made instrument, made with copper tubes tuned according to a pentatonic scale of C major; this instrument plays a loop composed of 6 patterns in 5/8, while the other instruments (bass, drums, xylophone and glockenspiel) outline the 15/4...
  14. maxdis

    Circular Paths

  15. maxdis

    Some sketches

  16. maxdis

    Free form solo

    Hi this is a little solo, totally improvised, with no click...feel free to comment :icon_smile: [/media]
  17. maxdis

    Jungle / Drum 'n Bass grooves and solos

  18. maxdis

    Some grooves and solos

    Hi I'm a drummer from Italy, and I would like to share with you a video I recorded some weeks ago, featuring myself improvising over a loop...feel free to comment :-) (more coming soon)