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  1. jhall

    SOLD 80's Gretsch Jasper 14x20, 8x10, 8x12, 14x14 - Antique Maple

    FOR SALE - A fantastic example of 1980's era Gretsch drums in beautiful antique maple. Some wear from use, but certainly nothing to worry about. Chris Heuer of Heuer's Drum Lab, made sure all the drums were square and good to go. Flexible sizes for most musical settings. $2200 / toms & kick...
  2. jhall

    Paiste 2002 - 14" Sound Edge

    Used but good condition. The slightest amount of top cymbal hole wear, but no other issues. They sound like they should. $200.00 shipped in the lower 48. DM with any questions.
  3. jhall

    Plate Brass - Joe Montineri Custom Drum - 6x14

    Here's a super rare bird. I had Joe build this drum several years ago and it's time to move it. 10 Lugs (shown here with die-cast) with Joe's custom brass throw-off & tube butt It weighs in over 15lbs. It's a monster with huge back beats but whisper sensitive! $799.00 / DM with any...
  4. jhall

    Early Yamaha Recording Custom - Question

    Picked up these from a studio that was closing after 40 years. These are (I believe) July 1982, early RC's. Soft/rounded bearing edges, natural (satin) interiors with gloss exteriors. 14x22, 8x12, 9x13 & 16x16. Some dings/nicks and a little rash in spots. Any idea on a value? I don't see...
  5. jhall

    Gretsch Floor Tom Lug Question: 14" & 16" are they the same size lugs?

    I purchased a 14" floor tom and was having some work done on an 80's 14x14 floor tom (recut and paint) by Bill Detamore of Pork Pie Drums. He said that the lugs were in rough shape and encouraged me to replace them. Can anyone tell me if the lugs on the floor toms are the same size & hole...
  6. jhall

    WTB - 80's Tama Bell Brass 6.5x14 - Dreaming!!

    I know these are crazy rare, but I'm curious to see what is out there. Hit me up. mobile: 405.818.1921 email:
  7. jhall

    FOUND - 80's Square Badge Gretsch 14x14 Floor Tom - Any lacquer finish

    I realize these are a bit rare, but I'm wanting to add to my 80's Gretsch kit and have it refinished in Porcaro Blue by Bill D. of PorkPie Percussion to match the rest of my drums. Let me know what you have. I can trade drums/cymbals or cash! Thanks, Jeff
  8. jhall

    1970's Ludwig 6.5x14 B/O Black Beauty Supra

    ***SOLD*** I have a had this fabulous drum for nearly 10 years and it has been an amazing drum. Strong black plating with very little wear. See photos for details. There isn't a mark above the muffler, but I believe it to be brass. I replaced the throw-off but will include the original. I...
  9. jhall

    WTB 13" Yamaha Aluminum Die Cast Hoops 6 Lug Pair

    Looking for new or used set of these tom hoops. Shoot me a PM here, or call/text 405.818.1921. Thanks, Jeff
  10. jhall

    20's 2 Piece Ludwig - AMAZING!!

    Sorry if this needs to be in the "vintage" section, but this drum showed up on Friday and it has knocked me out, and I wanted to share a photo. I've owned 3-4 other 20's 2-piece drums, but this particular one is completely stellar. 6 lugs, totally original, and it is drop dead beautiful! I...
  11. jhall

    Joyful Noise TKO 4x14 8 lug w/custom SF Hoops - Ser.#1!

    Here is another rare JN drum. Again, I'm the original owner, and Curt did these super one-off SF hoops in the same TKO patina. This is #1 of the 4x14, 8 lug, TKO's. Super Custom! If you look at the interior pic closely you will see "J Hall" - that's me! Killer drum, just not playing it...
  12. jhall

    Joyful Noise Studio Bronze 6.5x14 w/custom SF Hoops

    Here is something you may never see again! Super early #3 JNDC Studio Bronze hoops with factory matching patina'd hoops. Curt did these for me years ago. I LOVE CURT and his drums, I am just not playing this much anymore, and it doesn't need to sit in case. $1000 shipped in the US. I have...