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  1. andrewro

    Vintage 18" 50s A Zildjian cymbal crash ride

    Vintage 18" 50s A Zildjian cymbal crash ride Here's a nice sounding 18" 50's era Zildjian cymbal. Works as a crash or maybe a light ride for a small combo. Pretty lathing, some waviness in the bow, a nice cymbal from the handcrafted era. Some old tape residue and a tiny keyhole. A couple of...
  2. andrewro

    SOLD Early 80s Gretsch USA bass drum 14"x20" Black Nitron Atlanta Area

    Here's another drum that I need to release to raise a little ca$h money. I hope it will find an appreciative new owner here at DFO. Early 1980s era square badge Gretsch USA-made 14" x 20" bass drum. Black Nitron wrap by Precision drum for previous owner. Has a modern Gretsch USA style tom mount...
  3. andrewro

    SOLD Price Drop 1968 Ludwig Acrolite snare drum, very clean Atlanta area

    Hi all, I haven't been too active here lately, I am still playing though! Unfortunately I need to thin the herd and pay some things off, so I would like to offer a couple of drums here where they can be appreciated. This is my '68 Keystone Acrolite. Very clean, apart from some typical minor...
  4. andrewro

    Price Drop! DW 5000 pedal parts from 90s USA era

    $10 Shipped to US Lower 48! Get it outta my house and back on stage again! Just a few more extra items from my hardware stash, maybe someone can put this stuff to use. Two pedal plates, one more used than the other, and cut down from an add-on pedal system. Both marked USA. One frame from an...
  5. andrewro

    ! ! ! S O L D ! ! ! Yamaha SS-662 snare stand for 12" and smaller drums

    Hi folks, I'm paring down my hardware and letting go of some things that I haven't been using. Here's a Yamaha SS-662 snare stand for 12" and smaller drums. It's super clean - I don't think I ever gigged with it, I just used it in my music room for a while. I would like to offer it here before...
  6. andrewro

    SOLD Pork Pie Little Squealer Snare Drum 6"x13"

    Here's a nice little Pork Pie snare in a wine red satin finish. It measures 6" deep by 13" head size, and has 8 lugs. It's a cool drum and I like it, I'm just trying to downsize and I'm sticking with 14" snare drums these days. The shell is Nyatoh - unsure of the ply count. You guys may recall...
  7. andrewro

    Worldmax Black Dawg snare 5x14" DC hoops $165

    DFO brothers and sisters, here is a 5x14" Worldmax Black Dawg snare drum, 10 tube lugs, die cast hoops, their standard modern strainer. I added a Remo Skyntone batter head and black grosgrain ribbon on the snare wires. This was a refurbished drum from after they had a flood...
  8. andrewro

    First gen DW 6500 hi hat stand help

    Hey guys, I haven't been too active here lately, but I do try and check in every week. Today I have a puzzler for you. I have an early DW 6500 hi hat stand. I briefly mentioned it in the past, and I believe KO and a couple others weighed in on it. I bought it because I've seen photos of these...
  9. andrewro

    Psych Reds on Huntsville AL CL

    To my eye these look nice, thought I would share.
  10. andrewro

    Semi OT: Porsche Cayman, Drums and you.

    I recall a thread or two since arriving here about people's cars, both the drum-hauling machines and the fun weekend wheels. I've been a car guy since as long as I can remember, and I still sort of am, even though it's a pricey hobby and it stands in conflict with some of my other interests...
  11. andrewro

    Vintage Premier Bass Drum Spur Receivers Pair

    I bought this pair of vintage Premier BD spur receivers several years ago. Short story is the BD is gone now, so I'm offering these for sale to someone who actually needs them! As far as I can tell they are complete and original. Some mild pitting as visible in the pics, really just on the...
  12. andrewro

    Cortex versus Nitron

    Hey guys, I've read about Ludwig's Cortex wraps being durable, and Gretsch Nitron being more delicate. In my case I'm thinking about black finishes, since I have a black Nitron bass drum. So, a simple question for the hive mind: Is Cortex in fact that different and more durable than Nitron? Does...
  13. andrewro

    Suggestions on building up this vintage snare shell.

    Hey guys, I'm pretty sure I posted about this drum when I won the auction last year. It is an 8x15" shell and a single wood hoop. It was made by H.C. Angell and Co in Seattle. I have a matching 26" Angell single tension bass, which is why I took a chance on this drum. I would like to build it up...
  14. andrewro

    Anyone in Boston snag a long-distance Sonor Signature kit over the weekend?

    Just checkin' to see if anybody on here grabbed this Sonor kit. It was in the window of the local band/piano store in Athens GA for a week or so. It's a Sonor Horst Link Signature Bubinga kit from the 80s. The word was that it was traded in by someone in the Widespread Panic organization. The...
  15. andrewro

    Big new Remo logo?

    Hey guys, I just opened a 14" coated Ambassador I picked up at GC a few weeks ago. It was in the box package rather than the bagged "bulk" version you sometimes see for 14s. Anyway there's a new, simplified logo, no "pie" and it's big. 2.5" across the top of the crown. Is this the "endorser"...
  16. andrewro

    OT- Ebay and USPS Shipping Damage

    This did not happen with a drum or cymbal. Not this time at least. Rather, a car part. A long and skinny car trim part that snapped in two on its way across the USA. The item came USPS Priority with insurance (should just be the regular $50 amount). This is my second transaction with the seller...
  17. andrewro

    Long Billy Martin online interview.

    I posted this on, and I thought there may be some folks here who would appreciate it as well. My friend Jeremiah does a weekly interview podcast out of NYC. This week's release is nearly an hour and a half talking with Billy Martin. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet...
  18. andrewro

    Anybody try the Guitar Center Stick Club?

    So this GC "sticks for a year" club was mentioned to me when I was in there last week. Pay $20, get a card, GC loads it with $5 per month toward a pair of sticks. I didn't grab a brochure, but I am guessing they are adding this $5 by taking it from your bank account or credit card each month...
  19. andrewro

    What's so bad about this Gretsch tom?

    I stumbled across this 8x12" RB Gretsch tom last night. I was just wondering why there isn't at least a minimum bid of $60 on it. I can see that it has some issues, but nothing that would take it out of contention as a player grade drum. Even with the wrap gone, the chrome peeling off the hoops...
  20. andrewro

    Gretsch New Classic 3-pc blowout has this deal on the New Classic in bop sizes, sans snare. As of now there are three colors available. $1015 is a really good price, no?