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  1. scott757

    Muffling a 20" K Crash Ride

    I have a very night 20" K Crash Ride that I love but sometimes I need to dampen a little bit. Is it OK to use painters tape underneath or will that ruin the finish? If not that what do you recommend that won't leave a mark?
  2. scott757

    Gretsch Catalina Jazz vs Sonor AQ2 vs PDP Concept Maple Bop: Looking for the best rock n bop kit

    I'm looking for a smaller kit for home and playing smaller gigs. I dig the 18" kicks. I've kind of narrowed it down to these three kits. Unfortunately due to COVID I can't go try them out. Which would you recommend for someone who's more of a rock drummer than a jazz drummer?
  3. scott757

    Recommend a snare drum between $200-$300

    The snare that came with my Stage Custom birch kit is ok. But I want a beefier sounding snare. I also want it to respond well to dynamic playing. What would you recommend?
  4. scott757

    Medium Light Weight Hardware Follow Up

    I had previously asked for recommendations on a medium light weight hardware pack. Pretty much everyone said Yamaha 700s or Tama Stage Masters. I ended up going with the Tama Stage Masters. It's only been a few days but they are both sturdy and pretty light weight. Both of which make me...
  5. scott757

    Can you power an Alesis DM10 MKII Studio using a OneSpot?

    The power supply that came with my set it pretty short and weak looking. I thought I read somewhere that the unit is running on a 9v supply. So does anyone know if I could run the unit off a OneSpot like the one in the link below...
  6. scott757

    NKD: Yamaha Stage Custom

    Got it set up. Unforunately i can’t play it until tomorrow. How’s my set up look?
  7. scott757

    First kit n00b question. Yamaha SC floor tom leg spurs

    I just got my Yamaha Stage Customs in today. I noticed the floor tom legs have spurs. Is there a way to retract them so the rubber part is making contact with the floor? Here’s a pic. I tried turning to unscrew them and they didn’t seem to budge. First kit. What do I do?
  8. scott757

    I pulled the trigger.

    After a lot of reading and YT videos I just pulled the trigger on these. Yamaha Stage Custom Birch with a 20" kick. Also got a Tama Stage Master hardware pack as well and a cheap set of cymbals to hold me over until I can afford the ones I want.
  9. scott757

    Recommend some light to medium weight stands

    I’ve been looking at all the stand packs available and I’m not sure what’s really the best. I’d like them to be light weight but sturdy and reliable. Im not heavy handed but I’m not light handed either. I need two booms, straight, snare and hi hat so buying them as a pack would be preferable...
  10. scott757

    20” kick vs 22” kick

    Sorry if this has been discussed before. I did a few searches and didn’t find anything. I’m digging 20” kicks because they are a little lighter, a little smaller, but most of the umph of a 22”. I found last night that Tama makes a Superstar Classic with a 20” and Yamaha makes a stage custom...
  11. scott757

    I have $800~ to spend on a 4pc kit including snare. What do you recommend?

    I'll be buying my first acoustic kit soon. I've been looking at the Gretsch Catalina Maple with 22" kick as well as the Gretsch Catalina Club with 20" kick. But there isn't a store with a club kit near me so I can't even try it out. Then I started wondering if maybe there's something better...