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  1. Germandrummer

    1982 Sonor D506

    Cleaned it up last night. Sounds brutal....if you want.
  2. Germandrummer

    Very old it with modern drumkit?

    Today, I got this strange one. It had been offered in my hometown for a reasonable price. The look of it really got me! After gathering some information, this is likely to be a pre-WW1 marching drum from the belgian manufacturer "Sonorus" (nothing to do with Sonor). Material should be...
  3. Germandrummer

    Vintage MIJ or...?

    Hardware looks a bit unfamiliar to me for a MIJ stencil kit. American origin of this kit...?
  4. Germandrummer

    Sonor Teardrop with sharp bearing edges?

    Everything is possible! One of the last Teardrops from April 1972 with a sharp bearing edge (not 45 at all) on a 12' tom.
  5. Germandrummer

    Sonor snare stand surprise

    As disappointing hardware quality of my 2000 Delite snare was, as surprising was that old snare stand. I thought it would not be worth polishing but I had a couple of free hours this morning and took just a piece of steelwool. Stunning quality for a 1970s hardware piece.
  6. Germandrummer

    Sonor, I`m disappointed...

    I just wanted to give the Delite snare a quick cleaning. Disassembling started with the throw-off and I wondered why the screws turned so stiff... I`ve already read something about self-cutting screws on Designer hardware but had never encountered that before. Well, here is the result! Damaged...
  7. Germandrummer

    SOLD: Sonor D453 Seamless Ferromanganese Snare

    Nice 1970s 14x5 Sonor D453 Snare. Although seamless ferromanganese steel shells should be standard up from the "higher" D454, this D453 has a seamless shell with round bearing edges. Baseball bat throw-off works perfect, snare wires are the original ones. Remo Ambassador on batter and snare...
  8. Germandrummer

    Sonor Super Champion project

    A few kilometres from the Porsche factory I picked up my Sonor Super Champion today. It is exactly what I was looking for: good chrome, good shells but awful wrap so I will not regret to remove it. I am not sure which road to take: new wrap, stain and clear coat or just some experiment with bare...
  9. Germandrummer

    My new workshop

    Finally, my wife has agreed to share the laundry room and drum restoration can make the next step here! Much easier work than abusing the kitchen table. Starting with a decent clean up of a 1970s Sonor D453. If you have disassembled more high-grade Sonor drums, you will be surprised by the...
  10. Germandrummer

    I pulled the Delite-trigger...

    Unscheduled...but couldn`t reject this bargain. I love my green S-Class Pro but somehow the 22" bassdrum did not feel right to me, so I sold it. I did not particularly look for a Delite but today I found this one. 20/10/12/14 square badge Delite Fusion 2 in marine blue with matching snare...
  11. Germandrummer

    1982 Sonor Champion 22/12/13/16

    Selling my nice January 1982 (shell stamp "201") made in Germany Sonor Champion. 6ply beechwood with round bearing edges. Warm teardrop sound combined with bulletproof hardware. Remo Ambassadors on all drums. Wrap and chrome are fine, minor pitting on some lugs. Bearing edges are fine...
  12. Germandrummer

    Why are Teardrop floortoms rare?

    Well this issue did not attract my attention so far, but some people react incredulously when they hear that I bought two Teardrop kits with matching floortoms. These floortoms seem to be rare, but why? According to my information, only entry-level configurations of Sonor kits in the 1960s...
  13. Germandrummer

    Unknown Sonor Bassdrum - who can help?

    I just bought this orphan NOS Sonor bassdrum. The vendor was not sure if Champion or Phonic. I guess it is a Champion regarding eight lugs on a 22'. Is this a mahogany veneer?
  14. Germandrummer

    Unknown sticks came with my Teardrop

    Two pairs of sticks came with my teardrops and the are quite good. I would like to know if there are modern equivalences for these. Pair 1 has nylon tips, a brand "Star C" and "Japan" printed on. 14mm diameter but a bit lighter than pair 2 "made in western Germany" (maybe Sonor), 13mm...
  15. Germandrummer

    Worn out heads from changing?

    I just got a new Diplomat snare batter and some Ambassador tom heads and wish to try them on different drums. Do heads get worn out more by just changing them much between drums?
  16. Germandrummer

    Should I go for a Sonor Designer?

    I have been offered a Sonor Designer shell set and I am not sure if I should go for it. Sizes are complete square 10x10, 12x12, 14x14 and 22x22 (yes...) and I am curious. Might be a bargain somehow but it will have to be cleaned properly. I am a bit concerned as there are no tom mounts...
  17. Germandrummer

    Another air-tunable Teardrop caught!

    I do not know if Teardrops are social animals but it cannot be bad to give my rosewood a companion. Here it is: First owner air-tunable Teardrop (probably a 1969) in 20/12/13/16 "Glacier Pearl" with matching D444 snare, matching flatbase hihat- and snare stand and deluxe cymbal stand, all...
  18. Germandrummer

    Sonor Designer square sizes

    I have seen some Sonor Designer kits in complete square sizes, some even with 22x22 BD. Are these plain power tom kits with all the disadvantages or are they more versatile? Should be spent less on square size Designers compared to regular sizes?
  19. Germandrummer

    Excuse this question, but: which bassdrum heads?

    Well, to be honest I don´t know that much about drum tuning/heads and keep making very small steps learning it. But I do know which sound I like on my drums and this recording from 1972 comes very close to my ideal drum sound. I think, I can`t go wrong with Ambassadors/Emperors on toms. These...
  20. Germandrummer

    Sonor Champion reactivated

    After discussing with Frank Godiva, which Sonor series comes closest to the Teardrops, I decided to put my 1982 Champions out of the basement. I just gave it a quick cleaning without any serious polish but it wasn`t neglected as far as I could see. Fortunately, I found a NOS "Champion" bassdrum...