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    More Ebay Strategy Weirdness

    This auction just ended and I didn't win, by a mile. Rogers 10x14 Bue Glass Tom It was a 5 day with a starting price of $199.00 and a BIN of $285. I was watching it because I wanted it but not at $285.00. there were no bids until today. I put in an esnipe bid at $225.00 on the chance that no...
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    64 Luddys: What are they worth?

    I came across this in my neighborhood: "White Pearl Finish. Shells stamped Apr 64. Serial numbers verified. VGC and sound great. Snare, flr tom, mounted tom and kick." Any idea what they might be worth? I am a Rogers guy. i have two Ludwig snares so I don't know much about the sets. i might...
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    Do You Believe?

    Self-explanatory ... 240%3A1318 :?
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    What the heck is a shell pack?

    I saw this ebay listing:|240%3A1318 and wondered where this term shell pack comes from? I can imagine a set of shells sold as a do-it-yourself kit being called a shell pack, but not a drum set. What is the new term for a set of cymbals: "group of spun metal...
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    Buddy Harman has Died

    http://www.tennessea...m/apps/pbcs.dll ... 6/-1/RSS05 some of the best drummers were left-handed! And he was one of the greatest!