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  1. NobleCooleyNut

    Just one Ludwig snare

    Ok Folks - We are all aware there are lots of Ludwig snare drum fans in here , so let’s pose this question and see what comes up . You are allowed to have just ONE Ludwig snare drum only , what would it be ? For me personally my choice would be the 5 “ Black Beauty . I had about a half dozen...
  2. NobleCooleyNut

    Big Announcement from Noble and Cooley tomorrow

    Noble and Cooley has big announcement coming tomorrow . I have been trying to get more details but my dealer and Nick Hones have been keeping this very hush hush . It may be a new drum set line potentially . Keep yours eyes posted on Instagram and Facebook .
  3. NobleCooleyNut

    New Pearl drum throne a winner

    I typically don’t consider Pearl when I am making drum decisions . Pearl makes fine drums and hardware but atypically they are not at the top of my list when I am purchasing gear . The new Pearl d1500tgl Pnuematic throne really...
  4. NobleCooleyNut

    Sonor Vintage Series Kit for sale at Drummer’s Hangout

    Sorry for the sideways pics ( Damn iPhone) Sonor Vintage Series Kit in Onyx finish . 20 x 14 bass 12 x 8 rack Tom 14 x 12 floor rom with legs . Single Tom Mount included . 6 mm 9 ply Beech shells with round over bearing edges Lightly used Remo Heads . Asking $1900 USD plus shipping to Mainland...
  5. NobleCooleyNut

    20” K Custom Left Side ride for sale

    I have a lightly used 20” Zildjian K Custom Peter Erskine Left Side ride . Unlathed cymbals with three rivets . Nice dry woody stick with sizzle . Asking $275 USD shipped to Mainland 48 or Canada . I will get some pics up in a bit . Would also consider trades for a 20” Paiste Traditional Medium...
  6. NobleCooleyNut

    Wanted - Whitney Nesting Penguin Kit

    I know this is a long shot but I am looking to find another Whitney Nesting Penguin Kit . I have owned two and sold them . I can offer cash or trade to someone looking to let theirs go .
  7. NobleCooleyNut

    Roland TM-1

    I have been doing quite a few Outdoor gigs in cramped situations lately . I had been using a DW Low Pro Travel Kit with the bass drum miced . I was never really happy with the sound of the thin single head bass drum sound ( as you can imagine) . I decided to use the Roland TM-1 and triggers that...
  8. NobleCooleyNut

    Dream kit as a kid

    What was the kit you dreamed about as a kid ? Now that we have more disposable income did you ever get it ? For me there were two kits I Jonesed for . 1) Slingerland 80n Buddy Rich signature kit in WMP 2) Rogers XP8 Londoner Seven in tobacco burst lacquer finish I did manage to get the...
  9. NobleCooleyNut

    Snareweight M1

    I was at one of my local shops and Noticed these on one of the sets . Got a chance to fool with it and thought it would be a great tool for muffling . I have not been the biggest fan of Moongel for a few reasons , so something like this that doesn’t make my costs heads blue or melt together is a...
  10. NobleCooleyNut

    The Least favourite snare you currently own

    Let's have some fun and maybe get some trades going potentially. There are all sorts of threads about what is your favourite snare drum. So let's change it up . What is the least favourite snare drum you own currently. Maybe add some detail as to why it is your least favourite. My current...
  11. NobleCooleyNut

    Beato 7 x 14” snare bags

    Saw on Facebook that Fred Beato is blowing out some Pro 1 snare drum bags for $30 !! The size is 7” x 14” - great bags and this is a killer price . Contact Fred directly as these are flying out the door .
  12. NobleCooleyNut

    WFL III Drums

    Anyone own a WFL III drum set ? Saw some at one of my local shops and they looked pretty nice . I understand they use three ply maple/poplar/maple shells with reinforcing rings . Wasn’t really sold on the lug design but the edges and shells seemed well built .
  13. NobleCooleyNut

    DW Collectors stock heads

    I was at one of my local shops the other day and they had a really nice DW Maple/Mahogany Collectors kit with an exotic veneer and nice burst lacquer finish . I was surprised to see that the coated/clear heads were not on the Tom batters . The heads on the toms were smooth white DW branded heads...
  14. NobleCooleyNut

    New Rogers drum throne

    I had seen pictures of the new Rogers drum throne and immediately thought this cannot be comfortable or sturdy and disregarded it . Yesterday I went to one of my local shops and was chatting with the store owner and decided to sit down . Being it is a drum shop there are plenty of drum thrones ...
  15. NobleCooleyNut

    Bought my first Guitar

    Yup - went to the dark side . Decided I am getting older and really wanted to learn to play guitar , so last weekend I decided to dip my toe into the guitar world and buy an acoustic guitar. My son plays guitar and owns a Taylor acoustic and I loved the sound of it . I did some research and...
  16. NobleCooleyNut

    Sabian Soundcheck - try cymbals at home

    Sabian has an interesting new promotion . you can order a kit of cymbals ( trashy, Dry etc) by type and Mark Love will pick out the cymbals from their vault for you . Your credit card gets billed and you have 14 days to try them out . If you return them within the 14 days then Sabian credits...
  17. NobleCooleyNut

    The kit that got away

    We all have tales of fantastic drum sets that you just missed out on . Come on folks fess up and tell us your regretful tale. The tale for me involves a Noble and Cooley Star series kit . The toms on the kit were all steambent maple and short stack style toms . The bass drums were regular...
  18. NobleCooleyNut

    Online Bass lessons on YouTube

    Hey Folks Can anyone recommend some online bass lessons ? I have decided to get serious about playing the electric bass and wanted to get started with online lessons while the Pandemic is on . I can read music so that won’t be an issue .
  19. NobleCooleyNut

    Happy Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day Forum Members . going to be a hot day today and I have an outdoor gig from 2 pm till 5 pm .Packed and industrial strength tan and a cooler full of Gatorade . Not my first rodeo for one of these .
  20. NobleCooleyNut

    Old Guy - get off my lawn rant

    Decided to bring up a term that people continue to use even though it is no longer applicable and that is describing drum heads as skins . With only a couple of exceptions ( Earthtone, Stern, Kentville etc) all heads are Mylar and have nothing to do with skin whether it be calfskin , goatskin ...