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    Spring cleaning - hardware - Rogers, Ludwig, Slingerland, Camco

    Bunch of hardware to clear out! Not sure what some of these bring nowadays, but I will price what I would like to get. Otherwise make an offer. Some things might be cross-posted on the 'bay. I have done a light cleaning on most, but may not be reflected in the picture (did it after). Not my...
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    Dynastic 10x14

    So, what is a 10x14 wood dynasonic worth? Does not have the snare frame. Light blue wrap. I'm sure a marching snare doesn't bring as much.
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    Bonham Paiste Cymbal list

    I was just rummaging through some stuff and found this I had printed out years ago. It has probably been posted here in the distant past, but here it is again. It's the original endorsement agreement between J. H. Bonham and Paiste. The second page is the bookkeeping record of cymbals delivered...
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    Wireless Headset Mic recommendation?

    I'm looking for a decent wireless headset unit - the whole kit - for 1. My vocals when drumming and 2. my partners when she calls dances. Price range $200-$400. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Source for poplar middle core material?

    I have asked this before, but still can't find a source. Where would I get Poplar core material, like in vintage drum shell layups?
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    "Fillmore" Vistalite kit - Video is up!

    Following up on my previous post about the "Fillmore Poster" treatment I did on my clear Vista kit recently here is some video of the Hippie Dance Fest I debuted them at. They were a HUGE hit. SO many compliments. The...
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    Submitted for your approval...

    About 9 months ago I had a clear Vistalite kit and a vision of what I would like to do with them. Today I finished it. Not every detail yet, but they are basically done. I am totally jazzed about the way they turned out. Here are some early pix. No time to get fancy yet with pix - I debut them...
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    Best friend broke my favorite ride!

    Yep, you read right. I had the boys up to my place this weekend - we have been playing together for 30+ years. We were having a good old time jamming, and Dave was on the drums. I had my kit set up, with my go-to cymbals - a 14" Zildjian thin crash (from the 50's) and a real nice 18" A. BTW HE...
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    Head donations wanted

    Hi guys. I am wondering if any of you have some gently used coated Ambassadors in 12/13/16 that you aren't using, and that you would be willing to donate or part with for shipping costs. I have this amazing top-secret project that I am trying to complete by a gig we are having on June 11th. It...
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    Slingy Club Date alert!

    Here ya go!
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    For all you Metallica fans...

    This is hilarious.
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    Somebody get this

    Not mine... $159.BIN
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    My band's new recordings

    I posted a few weeks ago asking for recording advice for my band's project. I received a lot of good advice. Thanks! We recorded into my mac laptop running Cubase through a Presonus Firepod. I can post more details if anyone is interested. Here are the results of the sessions - a 5 song demo...
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    Recording advice requested

    So my original "Mystic Country Soul" (©®:icon_smile:) band is going to record a 6-song demo. This is an originals band - AcoustGuit/Bass/Drums/ElecGuit/PedalSteel. We are doing it on the cheap, so we will be using our own room and equipment. The room is pretty ok - big enough but not too live...
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    Wild Hi-Hats action!

    Dang, there is some wild hi-hat action going on in this Cindy Blackman video! For one thing, how does she get that wild floppy action going on the hats with just the pedal? Second, watch for the HH stand to start moving out, then back in! What the heck? :huh: Not to mention the stamina for a...
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    Source for poplar core?

    I've got some ideas about making some shells, and I want to use a poplar core. Anyone know of a source for this? Thanks.
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    Ebay - best way to list?

    I know a lot of folks have gone to a BIN with a 'make offer' style listing rather than an auction. What's the consensus about the best way to list these days? Is the make offer a better way to go? BTW, I'm selling off some stuff so look in the sale section before it goes on the 'bay...
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    newest generation electric drums

    Check 'em out :rolleyes:!
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    Should I snag???

    On my local CL... - 1971 Ludwig Vistalite 12", 13", 16" 22" drums with a 14X6 maple ludwig snare - Pearl elimator bass drum and hi-hat stand. 22" Zildjian Ping ride, 16" Paiste Alpha series medium crash, and 14" Paiste medium hi-hats. I could get them for $400. I'm very tempted.... They are...
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    That new drum smell... from 45 years ago!

    So I bought this SBP Ludwig classic kit about 4 years ago from a guy - I had always wanted a Sky Blue pearl kit - but I had not gotten around to the clean-up and refurb on it in all this time. Today I pulled it out and got going on the 13" tom - it looks pretty good. A little pitting on the...