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  1. Plumdrum10045

    Gretsch Brooklyn Kit. 24,16,14,13

    Bump, still available!
  2. Plumdrum10045

    Gretsch Brooklyn Kit. 24,16,14,13

    All good, brother!
  3. Plumdrum10045

    Gretsch Brooklyn Kit. 24,16,14,13

    Bump!! No one likes Brooklyn Drums? Haha
  4. Plumdrum10045

    Gretsch Brooklyn Kit. 24,16,14,13

    Firm on price, buyer pays shipping! $2,400 Gretsch Brooklyn are USA made. Bass 24x14 Floor 16x16 Rack 13x9 Matching snare purchased separately 14x6.5 Anniversary Sparkle- limited run on finish
  5. Plumdrum10045

    ***price drop***Tama Artwood LTD 13x6.5 silver shadow sparkle $170.00

    $200.00 All original parts, batter hoop has some flaky chrome from being struck. Edges are good, holds tension, finish is fantastic, hardware like new. Comes with original custom Tama gig bag. This was a very giged drum. These were limited to the USA and are limited in numbers. Check out this...
  6. Plumdrum10045

    SOLDPaiste Traditionals setup for Other cymbals

    I have a Tama 13x7 maple snare and a Ludwig “blackrolite” 14x5- both with cases. I’ll also throw in some cash.
  7. Plumdrum10045

    Paiste Signature Traditionals ride, crashes, and hi-hats [SOLD]

    Interested in the 602, 2002 and masters!! I can pick up.
  8. Plumdrum10045

    Paiste "Steve Jordan Style" cymbal pack - 17" hats, 20" crash, 22" ride

    Please let this deal still be available now. I’ll take it.
  9. Plumdrum10045

    Paiste Signature fast crash 18” $195

    Is this still available?
  10. Plumdrum10045

    Paiste Signature Fast crash 18”

    Is this crash still available?
  11. Plumdrum10045

    Paiste 20” Signature Full Crash

    Still Available?
  12. Plumdrum10045

    Paiste Signature Power Crash - 19"

    Still available?