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  1. beatsmith8

    Amazon deals thread

    Hail Mary packaging - so true!
  2. beatsmith8

    Yamaha Club Custom Black Swirl

    Agreed, great sounding drums. Prefer over USA customs and my previous DW kit.
  3. beatsmith8

    Amazon deals thread

    I have bought about 30 mehmets (returned quite a few) since December. Pricing gets randomly stupendous/silly, but agree the resale market isn’t great. Can’t beat the value though. Someday this loophole will close and the value may increase once again. Until then, I have a sh*tload of cymbals.
  4. beatsmith8

    Anyone have a bass drum head made with your band logo on it?

    Drumart here also - work product was great
  5. beatsmith8

    New at YouTube

    Tried a new angle - prefer the old angle. Going to work on a multi angle vid next week!
  6. beatsmith8

    Any long term Iron Cobra / Speed Cobra users here?

    I own both, actually bought newest IC a couple years ago, but recently switched back to speed cobra. On balance, think I prefer the speed cobra. Both are great pedals.
  7. beatsmith8

    Ideal Paiste Masters Swish Weight?

    I had the 22 and I now regret selling it. Amazing.
  8. beatsmith8

    OT Isolating my IEM mix

    X2 on the limiter - nothing worse than getting blasted in your IEMs mid-song...
  9. beatsmith8

    Thinking bout Aux Hat Choices.

    I’ve been using a 12” pair of Istanbul mehmet traditional hats with a zildjian spiral stacker on top, pretty cool! I like 12” for aux.
  10. beatsmith8

    "ZORO" (The Drummer) Is a Bad Man

    Saw a GC clinic with Zoro years ago. Really great groove. Was also super positive and a good clinician.
  11. beatsmith8

    New at YouTube

    Thanks for the kind words. I have a ceiling cloud hanging (basically a bunch of owens corning 602 insulation in a wooden frame) and I clipped the camera to cloud structure using a 12" gooseneck clip from amazon. The clip has a thread for camera mount assembly on the end. Really handy...
  12. beatsmith8

    New Paiste cymbals revealed

    Hahaha I spent six months collecting the mellow crashes used earlier this year. Sound great, good choice to reissue...
  13. beatsmith8

    OT: What’s your exercise routine?

    Also play hoops 3x a week. Even with stretching starts to get tough in your 40’s. Hard to stop when it’s so much more fun than running!!
  14. beatsmith8

    Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals

    Over the decades, I’ve gone from Zildjian to Sabian to Masterworks to Sabian to Zildjian to Paiste and now Istanbul. I’m not sure it will ever stop! I do really like the Istanbul stuff and the amazon pricing was ludicrously low. Will stick with mostly Mehmet and a few Paiste splashes/hats for...
  15. beatsmith8

    New at YouTube

    Hahaha got it. I’d probably post an article about small room drum recording before I ventured into video tutorials but let me try to figure it out and we’ll go from there!
  16. beatsmith8

    New at YouTube

    Hey, those are Adidas jogging pants (basically pajamas). Have you been talking to my wife? Are you my wife? Hahahaha Going to try to figure out multi-angle in the short term. I have three of these cameras and an SLR. Need to learn how to edit video, though! Thanks for the kind words...
  17. beatsmith8

    New at YouTube

    Thanks for the nice words! The ride is a Istanbul Mehmet 61st anniversary ride, 22". It is very dry and not very loud. I probably need to spot mic it or raise it closer to overheads. I have a few more pingy, louder rides that are probably better for this type of playing. Will work on second...
  18. beatsmith8

    New at YouTube

    Got a couple of cheap cameras, first shot at it today...
  19. beatsmith8

    Blind Recording - Paiste v Ist Mehmet

    Ended up with mostly a Mehmet rig, but kept some paiste splashes and hats. Put together a quick recording today while wife was away (Andre Forbes drumless track I first heard today). Pretty happy with the sound.