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  1. rsq911

    Snare wire “clips” differences

    Hey everyone- Have you noticed the difference in the angle of snare clips (the metal ends where the wires are soldered)? Obviously this does not apply to gut or individually adjustable set ups. Looking at the Grover’s which have an extreme “tenting”. Puresounds offer two styles, one that...
  2. rsq911

    Hi-hat stand/hardware porn

    Hi everyone- I have some hi hat stands from yesteryear to current. 1930’s WFL 1960’s Ludwig 1123 1969 Ludwig Standard 1980’s Ludwig atlas 1980’s Tama Titan tilting (not stilt) 1980’s Sonor Protec with Signature clutch 1990’s DW X-hat Enjoy!
  3. rsq911

    Ludwig modular madness! (In a good way!)

    Changing things around a bit in my studio. Set up the 99’ cherry classic maples with Mach lugs (8,10,12,14,20, hh black beauty), and because I ordered them without mounts, I can change it up. Decided to use the modular. I love the stuff!
  4. rsq911

    New house=new drum room!

    Hi everyone- We moved into our new home, and my new drum room/studio is starting to take shape. Putting most of the snares on display, the marimba, timpani, etc.... Here is the beginning.
  5. rsq911

    I feel honored, I made the local news!!!! Very, very humbled.
  6. rsq911

    Snare drum wire mounting, string or plastic straps?

    Hi everyone- I have noticed lately that the snares/wires seem to lay better with string vs the plastic straps. Obviously this is n/a to super sensitives and extended strainer setups. Thoughts and opinions.
  7. rsq911

    Ludwig super sensitive parts

    Hi- Looking for the flat pieces that connect the throw off arm to the main assembly of the p70 5” version. Or..... Willing to trade a 60’s throw off and butt side 6.5” for the 70’s-current 5” Thanks!
  8. rsq911

    Ludwig cut badge cob score!

    just scored a cob 71 super sensitive on eBay! 5x14, paper tag, the “B”, but missing the super sensitive system. $299, but it is a gift for a buddy. I have not received it, and the pictures are not mine but from the auction.
  9. rsq911

    Ludwig modular love

    Greetings. Maybe it is my age, my younger years when I was in college, but I love the Ludwig modular era. The big 6ply maple poplar Chicago shells, the awesome monster twin channel diecast hoops, and the hardware! Not so much on the riveted seams..... I will post pics later, but am I alone in...
  10. rsq911

    Ludwig rail tom holder, newer

    Hi everyone- I am looking for a Ludwig rail mount tom holder that has been discontinued part LR2983MT Thank you, Paul
  11. rsq911

    Ludwig 69 cob cut badge snare

    Ludwig 5x14 cob (with the “B”), cut b/o badge, date stamped 1969, Remo renaissance emperor batter, clear Ludwig weather master reso, and wire wound silk snares.
  12. rsq911

    Ludwig tribute snare

    Hi everyone- This is the tribute snare, for my mother. Classic maple, purple shadow, 6.5x14, cast hoops, flat imperial lugs, p-86 and p-33, clear weather master reso, Remo renassaince emperor batter, and Grover bronze/silver wires.
  13. rsq911

    Christmas was difficult, but my awesome wife got me a cool Ludwig kit!

    Happy Holidays everyone! This was the first Christmas without my mom, I lost a friend the week before, and eight more family and friends have passed since mom. Tough year, but faith/family/friends keep me strong. Then my awesome wife surprised me with a very cool present.... my friend’s 1966...
  14. rsq911

    Ludwig custom “tribute” snare

    Hi everyone- This was a Ludwig snare I had built as a tribute to my mom, which she loved purple/violet and maple. It is a 6.5x14 classic maple in purple shadow, cast hoops, flat imperial lugs, p86 throw and p33 butt, with Grover SX silver/bronze wires, Remo renaissance emperor batter and...
  15. rsq911

    Grover SX combo snare wires

    I have a wide variety of snare "wires" from gut, to wire wound silk, synthetic, stock Ludwig's, Puresounds, etc... in which I play solo recitals, symphony gigs, and drum kit. I was looking for a different sound, maybe something in between the aforementioned. I have several of Grover's products...
  16. rsq911

    WFL throw offs

    Hi everyone- I am looking for a p35, p36, or/and a p37. This is for a twin strainer I have. Thanks! Paul
  17. rsq911

    Ludwig Top Hat & Cane from WWII!

    Hi everyone- Found this in my dads scrapbook, he was the sax player. But this was in Europe with General Pattons 2nd Armored Division Hell on Wheels. Enjoy! Paul
  18. rsq911

    OT: my mom lost her battle with cancer

    Hi everyone- I have been around here for awhile, and I only know a handful of you personally outside of the forum, but I feel like I know a great deal of you from being here. My mother was a ballet teacher, author, a labonotation pioneer, taught at our church, and a list I could not begin to...
  19. rsq911

    Question for Ludwig employees and dealers

    Hi everyone: Is Ludwig still making, or offering, the P-70 Super Sensitive throw off, or has it been discontinued? I have noticed on the site, and in the online literature, there is no mention of it, with the exception of the downloadable configurator Excel file. Thanks! Paul
  20. rsq911

    Ludwig trans badge 69' brass supraphonic

    Birthday gift from my awesome wife! 1969 Ludwig supraphonic 5x14 "cut b/o" badge, "B" stamp above the muffler, date code "Dec 3 1969", and another larger ink stamp that says "B-something-something". Put Remo Renaissance Emperor batter on it, and Ludwig Weathermaster snare side, otherwise, all...