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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Picked up a 20” Sabian evolution ride for $150 on CL. I’d have preferred a groove ride I think but this was available at a decent price. It’s good to have a bright washy ride again. I had gone with heavier rides recently and I just missed the energy that a crashy ride can bring. I thought I had...
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    World's driest cymbal

    Sounds similar to a HH raw bell dry ride I had a few years ago lol
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    15” Soultone Vintage 1964 Flat hi hats $170

    I’ve got an interesting pair of hi hats for sale. When I ordered I thought the bottom hi hat would be flat and heavy similar to quick beats and AA flat hats. I was surprised when I got them that the top hi hat is actually flat and it’s pretty light weight. I don’t have exact weights right now...
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    That is a great sounding cymbal
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    20” Sabian Artisan Traditional Symphonic Medium Heavy Extra Dark $160 shipped

    Bump...$160 shipped now. I also took different pictures and made a new sound file because now I am selling the opposite cymbal in the pair than what was in the original listing. But I mean, they were the same cymbal so they look and sound very alike but I’d rather be as transparent as I can.
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    Big Funch package arrived! So of course I demoed them.

    My favorite is the mini bell but they’re all great sounding
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    Worst kit you've owned

    I picked up a kit by Adonis a couple years ago and was excited about it because it was super cheap and made with Keller shells and if they guy makes his own lugs then surely an entire kit would be amazing. First, I should have just said no thanks after seeing the finish in person. Literally just...
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    I have no doubt they will. Thanks again! Fast shipping, good communication. If you ever need a reference as a seller then send them my way.
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    I like big bells and I cannot lie!

    You should check out some UFIP ride cymbals. I had a 22” class medium ride and the bell was insane. It was actually too much for me lol but if I was playing in a hard rock or metal band I’d have kept it for sure. Something about the rotocast process keeps a lot of weight at the bell so I’d...
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    SOLD 15” Istanbul Agop Xist Hi Hats Brilliant

    thanks for the kind words! I think they do have a more similar sound than I realized. Wouldn’t be the first time I regretted letting a cymbal go but I’m always on the prowl for some new sounds. I played the same cymbals for over ten years and then all the sudden got the itch to experiment and...
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    SOLD 15” Istanbul Agop Xist Hi Hats Brilliant

    So I’ve also heard that comparison so I decided to make an A/B soundfile of the 15” Xist hi hats and a pair of 14” Zildjian new beats (top is about 900g from the 60s, bottom is about 1050g from the 80s) The thing is...I recorded the demo and then took my kids for a walk to the playground...
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    Sabian HH raw bell dry ride!

    I had a HH raw bell dry ride a few years ago and I wasn’t a fan. It sounded like a trash can lid but I was going through a light ride phase and I was playing in a lighter indie pop rock band so it just didn’t fit. I’m playing in something a little more rock than pop now and I wish I could try it...
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    Whats the cheapest you've ever snagged an Acrolite?

    $40 at a thrift store on half off day. Original heads and everything, someone bought it and then put in storage and forgot about it. I forget the year, I haven’t looked it up in a while but the serial number is from sometime in the the 70s. It’s been relegated to my backup snare behind the Tama...
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    SOLD 15” Istanbul Agop Xist Hi Hats Brilliant

    oh Lordy, you’re gonna make me keep them! Lol I’ve got it in my head I want a pair of 16” hi hats so I’ve got a real difference between my older Zildjian new beats and a second pair of big fat sounding hats to choose from.
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    SOLD 15” Istanbul Agop Xist Hi Hats Brilliant

    They’re a bit brighter than my 14” Zildjian 60s hats, but those are thinner and have decades of patina and wear and tear. Seems like a good comparison though. They’re not terribly exotic sounding, solid sound nonetheless.
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    SOLD 15” Istanbul Agop Xist Hi Hats Brilliant

    I’ve never weighed them but the sticker on the underside of the bell says 1081g/1212g Good condition, logos slightly faded on top but other than that they look and sound great. Asking $180+shipping
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    20” Sabian Artisan Traditional Symphonic Medium Heavy Extra Dark $160 shipped

    Bump...decided to keep one. Now asking $160+shipping
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    New bands with old school sound.

    Here’s another one in the vein of Black Sabbath. They don’t really go for the lofi production as much but it’s not overly done either like most hard rock/metal bands.
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    Mixing Paiste Signatures with Zildjian A/K

    Every time I try to mix Paiste with b20 cymbals it doesn’t work out. But I’ve only had Paiste rides. The signature crashes sound great and they might be easier to get to mix with other brands. Bright sounding cymbals will sound louder in context with a band just because they cut through more...
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    20” Sabian Artisan Traditional Symphonic Medium Heavy Extra Dark $160 shipped

    Sounds great as a heavy ride cymbal. It’s not super loud and clangy like a lot of heavier cymbals. It’s around 2830g. The “Extra Dark” description refers to the low profile of the cymbal making it lower in pitch than you’d expect from a cymbal at this size and weight. It has a nice bright stick...