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  1. JDA

    Rolling Thunder Revue....
  2. JDA

    50 years ago today Beatles last concert on rooftop...

    It's a concert until - not 1 but 2 people dance together Then it's a dance. If 1 person dances or a single person is dancing then it's affectionately called a zoo.
  3. JDA

    Ludwig snare drum ID Could that be a birch one? From the Classic Birch series...
  4. JDA

    No more brown sound. Bright and lively!

    Like playing with nitroglycerin late model USA Gretsch Custom small sizes. Skip out on the g Snare and plug in the Ludwig snare of your choice. .done. fini.
  5. JDA

    Roger Humphries

    May have to upload it first dunno, to another platform (youtube or similar) there's Google drives or something too I've seen that yes he was born Feb. 1944 I think)
  6. JDA

    Anyone else using two rides on live gigs?

    Well there is a Taper built into purpose-built Crash cymbals from what I have read from the company literature. They are meant to open faster and fully, within the one stroke. So that's counterintuitive to a Ride function.. Ride have to contain those strokes and resist opening easily In...
  7. JDA

    Ringo sitting in with Paul last night

    Ringo wasn't and doesn't just play 4 on the floor in this one-shot with Paul or in his All Star shows.. If you would " take the other " whether it was Abe or Greg- the other drummer out you would hear the simple Ringo he always was. Mic' him up to 12, but that's not what - his own drumming-...
  8. JDA

    Anyone else using two rides on live gigs?

    Well yeah but not strictly always. Good Ride could be a Flat that doesn't crash or a heavy Ping that you just 'don't want to' crash...So I'd leave that open to what you have in front of you at the moment, at the particular time. Not absolute. There the second cymbal would crash and ride well...
  9. JDA

    Anyone else using two rides on live gigs?

    No I'm saying the opposite. The labeling has actual meaning true. Only in the instance of Old K that labeling has no meaning because they were not built to be any of those specific meanings. just "cymbals" of diameter and weight and if they were cross-checked into an Avedis category- would...
  10. JDA

    Anyone else using two rides on live gigs?

    In a jazz setting yes and even in some jazz rock/funk/ setting yes. Just my preference for multipurpose cymbals so 1) you needn't bring as many and 2) One cymbal not taking up a whole stand to serve well only 1 function
  11. JDA

    Roger Humphries

    I'm outside of Pittsburgh, next county over (east) Westmoreland Co. But yes we're next to each other. I've seen him RH half dozen times over the years
  12. JDA

    No explanation needed

    " still a burgeoning sly twinkle in that face "... Like I can cut you (ha
  13. JDA

    Close Encounter at a gig tonight!

    that was close enough for Jazz.. "you know they always 'put the band in the corner'...
  14. JDA

    Roger Humphries

    He's an acquaintance and we- I shared gig (his gig- my drums- he made the second half) with him. Nice man.
  15. JDA

    Anybody got $85K laying around?

    better have the monkey carry it.
  16. JDA

    Help understanding this technique, Colaiuta singlehanded 16th push pull?

    He's from the elbow shaking his forearm with the stick bouncing up/down (or back/forwards) in the hollow of his hand. hmm. gotta go try that..
  17. JDA

    Are there any interesting drum shops or music venues near Mobile, AL

    Here's the Craigslist! maybe you can divine something from it.... Big az Gretsch SSB for 500!
  18. JDA

    Gretsch kit - is this any good?

    Yeah it's a 20 with unknown (to him) lugs
  19. JDA

    Gretsch kit - is this any good?

    wheres an 18 bass,
  20. JDA

    Forearm tightness

    Flip your left stick around to have the heavier butt end forward. May help; And relax ..about the upcoming notes.