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    Three speed metronome clock

    This is what happens when you combine quarantine boredom, an old drum head, a quartz clock and some decals.
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    SOLD Benny Greb Art and Science of Groove. $25 shipped cont US.

    I'll take it off your hands. PM me your payment info and I'll pay you in the morning.
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    Wooden (Walnut) Bi-Lateral Bass Pedal

    The Spruce Deuce
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    R.I.P. Lyle Mays

    Sometime around 1989 I received by mistake his Street Dreams CD from a record club. I had never even heard of him before. That album has been in my rotation ever since. Possible Straight is on my short list of favorite songs. It's not flashy as far as drums go but it resonated with me then and...
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    Sat Feb 8 Watershed Pub Seattle

    My wife and I made it out to see Squid play Saturday night. Some fine playing by them all and he made those old Pearls sound great. Thanks for posting it up here. Randy
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    SOLD Drum Workshop Craviotto 5.5x13 Solid Maple Shell Snare Drum

    Bump for a great drum. I've got a 1996 5.5x14 of this same drum and I can never get tired of the sound. Randy
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Just got done playing with my 14" New Beats from Stpdrummer. Excellent communications, great packing and lightning fast shipping! Thanks for the great experience. Randy
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    SOLD14" Zildjian New Beat Hi Hats $175 shipped

    I'll take them. PM sent. Randy
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    Maxwell's ?

    I have three of these I don't need anymore. I just sent you a message if you're interested.. Randy
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    SOLD Rogers Big R 24", 13", 14"

    Bump and a price drop.
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    SOLD Rogers Big R 24", 13", 14"

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    SOLD Rogers Big R 24", 13", 14"

    Right idea but wrong coast. I think it's called Pacific Blue and as far as I know nobody makes a matching wrap.
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    SOLD Rogers Big R 24", 13", 14"

    I had thoughts about putting together a Rogers Big R set but I really just don't have the room for more than one set. Bass drum is in very good condition, wrap is in great shape. Toms are as I received them which is a bit dirty but will clean up nicely. Sold
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    Floor tom brackets with 2-1/4" spacing

    I didn't get any pics of the inside but here's some of the exterior. Generic Gibraltar legs but I'm more than happy with how it turned out. I did email Maxwell to let them know and their reply was "excellent." They don't seem to waste words in emails but I'm sure stoked that they make these...
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    Floor tom brackets with 2-1/4" spacing

    To update the thread, I got the Slingy repro floor tom brackets from Maxwell yesterday and they are a perfect fit to my Camco floor tom. Even the screw bosses are exactly the right size to fit into the existing holes for a nice snug fit. And they look great to boot! Thanks again for the advice...
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    Floor tom brackets with 2-1/4" spacing

    I saw those gold ones as well. Yikes. I got the Maxwell brackets and new legs ordered today. My one up, two down dreams are about to be fulfilled.
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    Floor tom brackets with 2-1/4" spacing

    I had emailed Maxwell yesterday and told them I was wanting to know if their repro Slingy lugs were 2.25" so I could use them on my Camco floor tom which is 2.25". Their entire response which came in mere minutes was, "won't fit Camco." I just called the Chicago store and he measured one and as...
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    Floor tom brackets with 2-1/4" spacing

    I contacted them and they didn't say what spacing it was but that it was not 2-1/4"
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    Floor tom brackets with 2-1/4" spacing

    I considered the Indé mounts but for 2-1/4" it requires the large size. I really like the small ones but the large ones are just too obtrusive looking for me. I even thought of getting a small one and seeing if I could dremel the slot out a bit to stretch it to 2-1/4". Those Maxwell Gretsch...
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    Floor tom brackets with 2-1/4" spacing

    I've been looking for floor tom brackets for my 14" Camco floor tom and have just about given up. At this point I'd be happy with decent looking non-originals but I'm finding that floor tom brackets with 2-1/4" spacing simply don't exist. I've checked all the usual places I know of and have...