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  1. El Larry

    Snare recommendations for maximum versatility

    Also a Pearl Sensitone Aluminum snare would work, and be happy next to the steel Sensitone you have.
  2. El Larry

    Micing a snare drum

    I have played a handful of shows, way back, where the sound person placed the mic on the bottom side of my snare. Didn't seem to cause any problems that I was aware of.
  3. El Larry

    Sold-Slingerland Lugs 16

    Sold--slingerland lugs. Mounting hole space is 2.25", and one lug has a screw broken off in it. $40.00 shipping included Con. US. For all 16.
  4. El Larry

    Such a cool 4th for me...

    That is way cool!
  5. El Larry

    Evans. Damn, They Did It Again..... Logo Change!

    I think it looks better than the previous logo. Also, I always have a mix of heads on my drums, so the logo change wouldn't irk me.
  6. El Larry

    Monterey Blues Festival gig

    Man what a cool gig! We are our own worst critics. The Saturn kit looks awesome, good on you man!
  7. El Larry

    Gigging vintage Ludwig sets

    Hit them harder might fix the lower volume maybe?
  8. El Larry

    Sold~~Zildjian Hollow Logo Flat Hats, or Quickbeats?

    ~Sold~Set of Zildjian hats, flat base weighs 1314 grams, and the top hat weighs 1064 grams. Nice shape, slight hole wear on the top hat. $80.00 plus shipping.
  9. El Larry

    St. Paul & The Broken Bones Drum Cam!!!

    Way cool! I love the band!
  10. El Larry

    Picked up a Gretsch Round Badge kit

    What a sweet kit, way cool!
  11. El Larry

    Wanted, Needed, Loved - Gretsch and Brendan Canty (Fugazi)

    Cool read, and the name of his son's band is brilliant. I was crackin up when I read that.
  12. El Larry

    Finally scored a vintage Black Beauty!!!

    That drum is soooooo sweet! If only it could tell the stories it has been through!
  13. El Larry

    How to plug/fill holes in wrap without cutting a filler piece?

    Take a piece from under a lug? Or the meltdown goop sounds like the ticket.
  14. El Larry

    which compact kit with 20" bass drum?

    Yeah, I forgot about the cost factor. I have a Tama Superstar Classic 10" tom and 14" floor I use with a different make 22 for a practice/gig kit. The toms are nice, well made, and easy to get a good sound out of.
  15. El Larry

    which compact kit with 20" bass drum?

    Allegra Drums has a Big Baby kit that might fit the bill.
  16. El Larry

    Any specific 2.3mm triple flanged hoops you would recommend?

    Also S-Hoops, I believe they are 2.3mm but are a little stiffer due to the design. I have them on a snare and the hoops are solid.
  17. El Larry

    Detroit Custom Drum Company 5.5x14 Snare

    Maple shell with re-rings, 15 ply, 10-ply shell + 5-ply rings. 8-lug, syck saver hoops. $125 shipped to con-us.
  18. El Larry

    I gigged on a Gammon kit!

    That sounds like a heck of a time, awesome you made it work! That blue wrap is kinda cool lookin, electric!