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  1. Rotarded

    Received a Free Drum from a Co-Worker

    Very nice co-worker! A keystone acrolite is the one missing from my collection. Jelly!
  2. Rotarded

    Craigs list rogers mardi gras

    I stated the new owner was in Florida, as told me by one of the most credible Rogers collectors out there. I did not state that the seller shipped. Many of us have drummer connections/family all over. Often willing to pick-up and ship for us. If I had seen this earlier, I would have called my...
  3. Rotarded

    Craigs list rogers mardi gras

    I have heard from the Rogers guys that they indeed found a good home in Florida.
  4. Rotarded

    Gigging vintage Ludwig sets

    Yes I do!
  5. Rotarded

    Need a favor in Columbus, OH
  6. Rotarded

    What setup do you bring to club/bar/restaurant gigs?

    Stainless 8x12, 10x14, 10x18.
  7. Rotarded

    80's Supraphonic Resto - help needed

    I use a step drill bit ($5.99 @ Harbor Freight) to cut just the inside flange of the grommet off. Use a rubber eraser to keep the badge and grommet from spinning while cutting. It then can be re-used with a shorter sleeve.
  8. Rotarded

    80's Supraphonic Resto - help needed

    Just finishing this project. Had the chrome stripped (chrome shop) off of a 60's pitted Supra. Sanded, then polished. About 10 hours with several grits of sandpaper, and 2 buffing compounds on a bench buffer.
  9. Rotarded

    Show us your fans...

    Lasco for me too!
  10. Rotarded

    WFL Auditorium magic

    Another happy owner here!
  11. Rotarded

    FS - Rogers Wood Dynasonic - $1500

    Am I missing the price somewhere?
  12. Rotarded

    Snare drums, I like modern AND vintage.

    5 Modern (DW, Ludwig, Gretsch) 10 Vintage (primarily 40s, 50s, and 60s Ludwig)
  13. Rotarded

    In praise of the humble Acrolite

    Never leave home for a gig without one. I've owned a half a dozen in my lifetime.
  14. Rotarded

    Rogers Homecoming 4/27/19 in Covington,OH Who’s Going?

    I didn't take many pictures as I was helping Po out as he was running the show. I did get to meet Dave Randall, and see Chris (Costanzadrums) again. If you were there, I was Michael from Po's booth. I did catch a picture of Frank Walter's Mardi Gras canister throne. Quite possibly the only one...
  15. Rotarded

    Rogers Mardi Gras 14 or 16 floor tom wanted.

    You'd have loved to see this at the Rogers Homecoming in Covington Ohio this weekend:
  16. Rotarded

    Favorite snare for rock

    Any variant of the Supraphonic line (include Acrolites) Pick any one and kill it:
  17. Rotarded

    What was the first song you learned to play on drums

    The first song I learned all the way through was: More than a feeling - Boston.
  18. Rotarded

    Maybe I’m just feeling irritable, but... (FB marketplace experience)

    That's in rather poor taste! I just had a coworker shot and killed over a LetGo PS3 transaction. It was a setup all the way, at night, in the worst neighborhood in the city.
  19. Rotarded

    OT: Getting 'spensive hauling drums...

    $2.38 in Central Ohio