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  1. DanRH

    Wanted - 14" Floor tom and/or 9x13 Orange Swirl Yamaha Club Custom

    There you go. Thanks
  2. DanRH

    Paiste 2002 18” Crash SOLD

    Now on EBay
  3. DanRH


    I’ve never used them. I’m ok with here and the Bay.
  4. DanRH

    Sad to see your hero take a back seat to someone else...

    I consider myself lucky to have seen them about 10 years ago with Howe, Squire, White, Anderson and Wakeman. Dream Theater opened for them. But the Yes songs made the evening for sure. And yeah, they played that lame version of that bluesy rendition of Roundabout, my only disappointment of the...
  5. DanRH

    Has the Drum Set Evolved to Include Too Many Toms?

    IMHO, whatever the music calls for. I once saw a rockabilly band with the drummer having a Neil Peart drum kit. Didn’t fly for me.
  6. DanRH

    My new 18" Paiste 2002 Thin Crash

    Actually my local drum shop may be getting some. He made a request for some through Paiste when he went over there recently. I’m getting one.
  7. DanRH

    Yamaha Recording Custom 2018 10-12-14-20

    Wow, that was a great deal!
  8. DanRH

    Rolling Thunder Revue....

    I started watching this last week and...I just really didn't care, so I turned on the Food Channel instead. Sorry, never cared about Dylan, even though I love some of his songs. My lead singer is a huge Dylan fan and has a Dylan side project he asked if I was interested in. I told, but...
  9. DanRH

    Paiste 2002 18” Crash SOLD

    Hey All. My 18” Crash. A little dirty but absolutely no issues. Here’s your chance to get a great Crash for a very good price. $200 shipped Lower 48.
  10. DanRH

    Close Encounter at a gig tonight!

    Oh Yeah!
  11. DanRH

    My new 18" Paiste 2002 Thin Crash

    I picked one up on an impulse buy today before my gig. I really do prefer it to the regular 18" Crash which is a bit thicker. I'm looking forward to picking up a 19" thin crash soon when my local drum shop gets his order in. That's the problem with having a local bike shop two miles from your...
  12. DanRH

    Close Encounter at a gig tonight!

    This Amtrak train was literally ten feet from us at an outdoor festival this evening. We started playing Folsom Prison Blues as it was coming up. Too funny.
  13. DanRH

    Ordering a custom kit. Should my 22" Bass Drum have 8 or 10 lugs?

    Actually, does Gretsch do it on all lines? I’ve only seen it on Catalina’s and we’ll, IMHO, there you go. Sorry, never been a fan of Catalina’s.
  14. DanRH

    Ordering a custom kit. Should my 22" Bass Drum have 8 or 10 lugs?

    Ditto but if you like 8 lugs, go for it.
  15. DanRH

    Received a Free Drum from a Co-Worker

    Wow, great story!
  16. DanRH

    Snare recommendations for maximum versatility

    For me, my go to snare is always an aluminum snare. Many choices, but my Oriollo Phantom65 never lets me down. Ever! And I have many drums.
  17. DanRH

    Finally received my Renowns!

    Congrats. Very good tubs!
  18. DanRH

    Ludwig classic maple kits

    Can’t go wrong with CM’s but I think I already said that. Here’s a couple of mine I had.
  19. DanRH

    Toto 2018 - Live And Shannon Forrest! Whoa!

    And the fact two members died...