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    SOLD 22” Istanbul Mehmet Mikael Z Tribute cymbal

    For sale is a 22” Mehmet Mikael Z ride. 2353 grams. Very good condition with stick marks and a little tape residue, but no problems. This may be the best 22” ride I’ve ever owned. Sweet and smooth, not trashy at all. I never thought I’d sell this one, but I’m just not using 22’s as much as...
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    SOLD 22” Dream paper thin Crash-Ride

    For sale is a 22” Dream Crash-Ride. When I got it, I weighed it with my old scale and wrote that weight under the bell (1735 grams). Since then I got a new scale, which says this cymbal weighs 1750 grams. I have no idea which weight is right, but in any case, it’s paper thin. There‘s no ink...
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    Sad news: Bill Rieflin has died

    From Robert Fripp:
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    Gibraltar metric hi-hat pull rod question

    Does anyone know which hat stands will work with Gibraltar’s metric pull rods? In particular, do they fit Sonor hat stands (mine’s an early 90s Force 1000)? Here’s the specs from Gibraltar’s website: SC-HHRM Hi Hat Pull Rod(Metric) – Replacement hi-hat pull rod – 23″ long, 6.5 mm diametrer –...
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    Mystery Sabian Ride

    Here’s a 24” Sabian ride that’s unlike any other Sabian I’ve seen before, so I assume it’s a prototype. I wonder if anyone here could give me more information about it. Aside from the Sabian logo, there’s no ink. It weighs 3099 grams. Umbrella profile like a Mehmet Nostalgia 50s ride...
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    SOLD 20" Murat Diril Mosaic crash

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    Ringo sitting in with Paul last night

    Sgt Pepper Reprise and a blistering version of Helter Skelter.
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    Soultone / Amedia connection?

    Does anyone know if Soultone sometimes uses Amedia to make their cymbals? The reason I ask is because I’ve only ever seen this font stamped on those two brands.
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    22” Bosphorus Master Ride - 2198g

    For sale is a 22” Bosphorus Masters ride cymbal. Weighing just under 2200 grams, this is a very versatile cymbal that works as well for pop, indie, blues, R&B, etc., as it does for jazz. The only reason I’m selling it is because it’s similar to another cymbal I own and I don’t need both. Very...
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    Impression Ride Cymbals

    For sale are two Impression ride cymbals. Impression Cymbals is a cymbal company formed by three cymbal makers at Bosphorus. They also developed the Crescent cymbal line with Jeff Hamilton and Stanton Moore, which was later bought by Sabian. 22” paper thin ride. This cymbal is from their...
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    Bill Bruford

    Bill Bruford posted this picture on facebook today. I thought he'd stopped playing altogether. It's great to see him behind a kit again.
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    Istanbul Mehmet Dark Crash Profile

    A few years ago, I had an 18" Istanbul Mehmet Dark Crash. It was pretty heavy for a crash and didn't taper much towards the edge. Does anyone know if their current dark crashes have the same profile? Thanks
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    Wanted: 24” Istanbul Mehmet Traditional Original Ride

    I’m looking for something in the 2700 - 2900 gram range. I have some trades or cash for the right cymbal.
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    22” Istanbul Mehmet Nostalgia Medium Ride Cymbal - $260 + shipping

    For sale is a 22” Istanbul Mehmet ride cymbal, original “Nostalgia” series, before they started making the Nostalgia 50s and 70s series. It’s stamped a crash-ride, but weighing 2771 grams, it’s really a medium ride. Very good condition with no issues other than tape residue on the underside...
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    SOLD - 23” Hammerax Liquicy

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    Michael Jerome

    I just saw Richard Thompson’s trio with Michael Jerome on drums. Everyone I was with commented on what an amazing drummer he is. It made me wonder if I’d be a better player if I got my arms lengthened. The whole band was fantastic. Rock is supposed to be a young person’s game, but one of the...
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    SOLD 21” Hammerax WhipCrash crash ride

    21” Hammerax WhipCrash cymbal. 1912 grams. Hammerax no longer makes this size of Whip Crash. Excellent condition. $210 + shipping from Portland, Oregon 97202
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    A Guitar Center Used Gear first!

    A few days ago, I ordered a cymbal from GC's used site. It took them a few days to pack it up, but before they put it into the box and sent it off, someone from its location called to tell me that the listing had the wrong size and asked if I still wanted it or wanted to cancel it. This was a...