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    How do you part timers stay in shape?

    I've been working well over 200 gigs a year for over 40 years, so even when I didn't have much time to practice, I was still in decent shape to gig. I've never had GREAT chops, but I could handle my gigs. I did sweat it for a while while dealing with tendonitis, but re-examined my technique and...
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    Using new Yamaha Lightweight Cym stand as throne base

    I bought the new Yamaha Crosstown HW3 Advanced Lightweight hardware pack. I've done four gigs now using one of the cymbal stands for my throne base. I'm using the tube (with a hose clamp on it so it won't slip) and top of an old Yamaha 6 or 7 series throne. It's more stable than my other...
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    Abdominal discomfort....

    I was doing some research on a pressing medical matter and found this: I nearly bust a gut, which did not feel good, let me tell ya...
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    Chick Corea/Airto/Camco single headed

    Here's an interesting video of Chick Corea and Return To Forever, in 1972, the same year Light As A Feather was recorded. Bill (William) Tragesser subs on vocals and percussion for Flora Purim, who took time off to have a baby....he does okay, and went on to have his own career, in Vegas maybe...
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    Master drummer Billy Higgins

    Cool tune, too:
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    Slow-vs-Fast; Frankie Dunlop/Scott K Fish's interview

    I've got a Big Band gig tomorrow, so I was seeking inspiration. Frankie Dunlop is one of my favorite drummers, and I knew he'd played with Maynard Ferguson, so I YouTubed it and found "Maynard Ferguson / A Message From Birdland." Not my favorite big band, but great to hear Frankie killin' it in...
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    Groove Wedge/RimRiser questions

    I play a lot of cross stick, and it hurts! I'm hoping maybe one of these will give a somewhat louder or more penetrating sound, so I can relax more and not hit so hard. I know the Groove Wedge is out of production, here are two threads about making your own...
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    Swish Knocker

    I was listening to a lot of Mel Lewis, John Von Ohlen and Jeff Hamilton after my blues gig last night. I remembered a lightly used 22" Zildjian Swish Knocker at a local store. So I left early for my Big Band gig tonight to check it out. Decent price, returnable I bought it. Man, the...
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    Slingerland Rolling Bomber advice

    Tonight a very good trumpet player showed me pics of his dad's Slingerland Rolling Bomber set. Mom would like to sell, but they want the kit to stay together... I only saw them for seconds (the leader was calling charts!) but they looked to be 13/16 toms, bass and snare. White Marine Pearl...
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    Removing hex axle from Yamaha pedal?

    Anyone know how to do this? It looks like its just press-fit, with maybe pins holding it in... I have an older (Made In Indonesia) 7000 series pedal, but the beater holder is cracked, so won't tighten down on the beater shaft. The hex shaft looks to be the same size as DW, so I was thinking...
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    Sciatica relief?

    I've got a busy schedule ahead and my latest bout with Sciatica is more intense than ever, and is not going away. Any recommendations? Thanks, kb
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    Anyone know Medford/Ashland OR area?

    I'm curious about this region in Oregon, from Grants Pass, through Medford to Ashland... I'm sure there are some blues gigs...what do they pay? Any jazz gigs? Pay? Corporate/private party gigs? Theater gigs, like shows etc? Teaching? Any info or thoughts appreciated, Thanks, kb
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    Mel's cymbals on Art Pepper+11

    Anybody know what Mel Lewis was using on Art Pepper + 11? Sounds like the famous cut-out 20" A and a 16" crash... Great sounding record...
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    New A Zildjians; A 390 Box set review

    I picked up the Zildjian A 390 cymbal pack recently: 14 New Beat hats, 16 and 18 Medium Thin crashes, and 20 Medium Ride. These can be found all over the web for $680; but I got mine at a local Guitar Center for substantially less, and I got to hear them first. I've been playing K's for 30...
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    Fuzzy bass drum beaters...

    I remember reading someone saying he liked fuzzy beaters when they had worn down to a bare spot in one place, but had a fringe around them that dampened the head. I think it was Mel Lewis in an '80's Modern Drummer... So, are you getting a bald spot in your fuzzy beater? Do you like it?
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    New A Zildjians

    Any thoughts on the new A models? You can get a 16, 18, 20, 14 hats for $680 all over the place...seems like a very good deal to me. I've been playing K's ever since the first Canadian K's came out, still have a few; very nice, but too thin and dark for the all-around gigs that I do. Then I...
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    Name of European Drum Trio

    What is the name of the European three drummer group that has highly choreographed videos? Somewhat humorous, precision drumset playing, in several different styles. I think they're German, but not sure. One of their videos had them inside a music box... They've been posted here at least twice...
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    Nice Gretschs for sale in San Francisco

    Not my sale, but seems pretty nice to me. I contacted him, then came to my senses, realizing I don't need another set of drums. He's not having much luck with local buyers... 12/14/20/5x14, Rosewood lacquer. 80's square badge. Here's the link:
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    Inexpensive recording software?

    My son and daughter-in law want to do some multi-tracking: piano, harp, vocal, etc. They have a modern Toshiba laptop. Isn't there some very inexpensive, or even free, software for this? I use GarageBand myself, but I'm on a Mac. And then I guess they'd need a USB interface to plug a mic...
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    Options for shortening a 17x20

    I have a Yamaha stage custom birch 17x20 that I'm considering shortening. It's a natural finish, sounds and looks good, but it IS a pain to schlepp around compared to a 14" depth. I should mention I won't be attempting the cutting myself. There just doesn't seem to be any way to cut it down...