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  1. marko52

    It's good to be back in the states - Washington State

    Welcome to the PNW; need any Ludwig stuff?.............marko
  2. marko52

    A Very Lucky Saturday - Trans Badge Ludwig Find

    This is such a cool drumset. It's got so many things right, not the least of which is that snare. I'm lobbying for leaving the bass hoops as is; I think it adds a lot to the appearance. IAC, i'm happy for you; a tremendous score.....marko
  3. marko52

    I'm kind-of back

    Glad you're back....marko
  4. marko52

    I Joined the 10k Club Today

    Enjoy your posts (well...maybe not all 10,000; but lots of them)............marko
  5. marko52

    Re cut bearing edges vs resale value

    I think it's easier to sell a kit with original edges, even if it may not sound too good. I've never turned down a kit because of the sound--there are just too many options to try to improve the sound, ie: tuning, new heads, maybe a slight leveling of the edges. On the other hand, it's harder...
  6. marko52

    Vintage Ludwig Info?

    Your Supra looks great! lots of us have wiped out a date stamp; duh.........marko
  7. marko52

    Vintage Ludwig tag sale score!

    If your bass is 12x20, I guess it's a New Yorker; if it's 14x20, then you've got 2/3's of a Downbeat kit. As suggested by shuffle, a 12x15 marcher converted to a floor tom is probably the quickest, cheapest way to go. They end up as great floor toms. Take pics along the way......marko
  8. marko52

    Prayers needed for fellow Drum Brother, Chris Jensen

    This sucks. Wish this wasn't happening. But stay strong, & get thru it, & get back to your friends & fam. Pulling for you............marko
  9. marko52

    playing around on hal blaine's monster set

    This is a great shot, Jeff! Very cool!...........marko
  10. marko52

    Blue Oyster Super Classics!

    Sounds like the choice was clear. They look great. You'll likely keep them for a long time. Enjoy..........marko
  11. marko52

    George Way Kit is heading my WAY!

    Patience rewarded. I'm sure you'll keep finding some gems. Happy for you.........marko
  12. marko52

    How rare are Pre-Serial Ludwig 12x18 bass drums?

    Holy sh*t! Somebody's gonna kill for that drum set!.............marko
  13. marko52

    Re-birth of the 1963/65 Slingerland "Modern Jazz" kit

    Nice kits, guys. Really like the rail mount/spade set-up on them, & their blue sparkle is awesome---deep & dark. Somebody's gonna love that SS kit......marko
  14. marko52

    Thought I had the deal of the day on some vintage Fibes, Until the lady's Husband found out...

    Screamin' deal, of course. But the $25 bucks puts it over the top.........marko
  15. marko52

    We got signed for a cool gig in June

    Make sure you get back here with a report & some pics. Backline kit?.......marko
  16. marko52

    Stolen Band Van and Drums Recovered

    I know this is a serious topic, but that's a pretty funny line, Joe! Made me laugh.......marko
  17. marko52

    Rough experience this week

    My big concern is that so many diabetics can no longer afford their meds due to price increases. This is crazy. Hope everyone stays well......marko
  18. marko52

    Advice for repairing bubbling wrap.

    Sounds like DanC has it. I was going to suggest a damp cloth & an iron; I would think the heat would soften the wrap & the iron would flatten it at the same time. You should probably leave it as is, but, if it were me, I wouldn't be able to walk away without giving it a try......marko
  19. marko52

    Would you gig a NOB snare From the 20s?

    I gig this one all the time, but it's not quite the same as yours; it's a '20's 2-piece heavy NOB shell with a nickel P-83, NOB triple flange hoops, & nickel bowtie lugs (which I notched for the center bead). Great rimshots, & cross stick that sounds like a wood block.....marko
  20. marko52

    1964 rogers bop set

    Well, the red ones look great, & the BDP ones are very classy, but the SS ones make me want to sell everything i've got.......marko