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  1. drumsdbes

    Yamaha Al Foster Hip Gig Kit - SOLD

    This is a nice Yamaha Al Foster Hip Gig Sr. kit. It comes with the drums, tom arms and bags for the drums. Kick: 18" x 22" Snare: 13" x 5" Toms: 12 "x 6.5" & 14" x 8.5" The wrap is in excellent condition! The original support legs have been replaced with omni-ball tom mounts as they provide...
  2. drumsdbes

    Sabian 22" Artisan Medium Ride SOLD

    Hey, not sure how to message you so started a "conversation". I'm interested in this cymbal. Thanks!
  3. drumsdbes

    Ahead 6x14 Snare - GONE

    Agreee with Amosguy... I love mine! it has wide tuning range and is high quality! Great price!! GLWS!
  4. drumsdbes

    Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Noveau 3 piece shell pack...

    This might be them...
  5. drumsdbes

    SOLD Paiste Traditional Series 14" Medium Light Hi Hats Etched Logo

    Own a set myself... nice price! GLWS!
  6. drumsdbes

    Do you use all your gear ?

    Unfortunately I'm not using a lot of my stuff... got into dixieland/jazz group which led me to get into buying vintage stuff. I went a little crazy with that (an RK kit, WFL kit, RB kit, Club dates... sheesh) and now have too many kits. Seemed fun to have some vintage stuff but I got carried...
  7. drumsdbes

    Aquarian texture coated

    Have you tried the American Vintage to see if it fits better? I guess they use a different coating(?) but given it's sized a little larger might fit better and not choke the drum.
  8. drumsdbes

    Aquarian texture coated

    I've always preferred Remo over Evans... I've found Remo's to have a little more ring/overtones. I haven't tried Aquarian. Will need to give them a try!
  9. drumsdbes

    Long Lost Teachers?

    My first drum instructor was Rich Hargrove in Raleigh NC. He moved from the area and I have not been able to locate him... don't know if he still teaches, plays or is even living. I heard he moved to Virginia but have no idea. If any one knows that would be awesome!
  10. drumsdbes

    Question about 3M Fast Bond Adhesive 30NF

    Hi, I've recently become interested in vintage drums and hence have to learn to clean, repair basic items. I have recently purchased a Gretsch 4157 which needs some TLC. Some of the champagne sparkle wrap has separated at the seam. I've searched through the forums and it seems many recommend...