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  1. SaranacJack


    $850 plus shipping from Baltimore, MD area. Purchased for a project that never materialized, only imperfection is a very slight scratch on the ride as pictured. Sound file for 21” ride: From Zildjian website - The Dry Cymbal Set features cymbals from Zildjian’s popular K Custom Special Dry...
  2. SaranacJack

    4 x 50s - 70s Zildjians Rides - Sound files - PRICES LOWERED

    Changing the guard from old A's to some newer stuff. Owned most of these for decades, ready to pass them on. Prices + actual shipping from Baltimore, MD area Make an offer for multiple cymbals! Sound files below for these cymbals: SOLD 1950s 20" Rivet Ride (4 x holes, no rivets), 1,953g...
  3. SaranacJack

    4 x 14" Zildjian Hi-Hat Singles (3 x bottoms and 1 x top)

    $80 each, shipped to the lower 48. Grab any pair for $150 shipped to the lower 48. Take them all off my hands for $240 shipped to the lower 48 (Buy 3 get 1 free!). A Quick Beat Hi-Hat (Bottom) - 1970s Hollow Logo A New Beat Hi Hat (Bottom) #1 - 1980s to early 1990s 3rd Generation A New...
  4. SaranacJack

    Vintage 14" Zildjian Canada Flange Hi-Hats (1196g/1434g) Pair (USA top/Canada bottom)

    $250 SHIPPED to the lower 48. Vintage Canadian Made 14" A Zildjian flange (aka "Bop Hats") hi-hat bottom (1434g) with USA made A 14" Zildjain top hat (1196g). While not both made at what would become Sabian's factory after Zildjian Canada parted ways with Zildjian USA, the Canadian Zildjian...
  5. SaranacJack

    2 x Rogers Swan Leg Swivomatic Cymbal Stands

    $250 + actual shipping cost for 2 x 1960s Rogers Swiv-o-matic Swan Leg Cymbal Stands, fully functional and ready for your vintage kit. These are the solid rod era ones where the Swivomatic tilter cannot be removed. One has all parts, the other is just missing one of the two knobby tightening...
  6. SaranacJack

    18” Rogers XP8 Natural Maple floor tom

    I’m trying to round out my current Rogers natural maple XP8 set with an 18” floor tom. Open to trades for Rogers swivo stands and vintage Zildjian cymbals I have.
  7. SaranacJack

    Rogers Swivo swan leg stands and cymbals for newer Zildjian K’s

    I have 3 x Rogers Swivo swan leg cymbal stands, a 1950s 16” Zildjian hi-hat bottom, a 1970s 21” Zildjian Rock Ride and a 1990s 16” Sabian HH med crash (links to Reverb listings below). Also available, though not listed on Reverb: Swivo bass pedal and Ludwig speed king bass pedal both from the...
  8. SaranacJack

    Rogers "Big R" 1983 DynaSonic 5x14" (Green Felt/Lug Locks/D114325) COB Snare

    $700 and shipping to acquire this 5 Line / 19 Snare Strand MINT piece of history. Serial number D114325 puts this fantastic survivor's build right at the tail end of Rogers' storied manufacturing legacy in 1983 before it all went down hill. Original heads on the batter and resonant side have...
  9. SaranacJack

    K Constantinople and Kerope pairing?

    Has anyone paired a K Constantinople Renaissance ride with Kerope hi hats? I've found a few videos online that show one, or the other, but I'd love to know how well (or not) these two match. The K Constantinople hats sound great, but there is just something about the Kerope hi hats that I love...
  10. SaranacJack

    DW 9909 Bass Drum Lifter Question

    Has anyone used the DW 9909 Bass Drum Lifter with a 16" or 18" floor tom? I'd love to convert a 16" floor tom to a bass drum for a kit I'm concocting for my young ones, but I'm going to use a spare Rogers Big R Memriloc Floor tom, and I'm having trouble finding any other conversion kit that can...