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  1. poot

    OT: Switching from acoustic to electric... lawnmower

    Ever used an electric mower? Losing patience with my aging push mower; it mostly "pushes" the grass over and days later I need to cut it again. $50 to sharpen the reel blades and that's good for about two summers. Time to move on. Not willing to buy a gas mower. Interested in this Greenworks...
  2. poot

    Not Ludwig lugs - who made them?

    Hole pattern is approx. 38mm center to center. Stamped "Japan" on inside of casing. Who made them? Ludwig mini-lug is to the right for contrast.
  3. poot

    WTB: Rogers Dynasonic Strainer and Batter Rim

  4. poot

    I’m the Sound Effects for a Play – What to Bring?

    Ever done this? Looking for suggestions as you'll have some great ideas. My son is appearing in a play. He and all the actors are developmentally disabled. It's a comedy with lots of corny puns and they've asked me to provide a few ba-da-bings as well as the occasional "boom" or "clunk" when...
  5. poot

    Rail Mounts: USA or MIJ?

    Not sure what I have here. The second one is partial but looks too beefy for MIJ. Thanks!
  6. poot

    Maybe he would ship to you

    Pretty good deal here. "These would go for over $1000 new."
  7. poot

    Beautiful drums. Believe me - you're gonna love 'em
  8. poot

    Who made these turret lugs?

    Not DW, as the center dot is larger than on DW lugs. On the outside, these look just like Hayman or Camco lugs. But on the backside, the mount housings extend past the lip of the casing, whereas on Hayman / Camco the mounts are flush. Is this a generic knockoff?
  9. poot

    What is this oscillating Zildjian thing called?

    My words in caption of video. What is this thing?
  10. poot

    OT: Should I buy a used Mac Mini?

    Looking to replace my aging 2008 iMac with a Mac Mini. Since I have a spare VGA monitor, keyboard/mouse, etc., I can save money and keep things modular going forward. And I'd like to get a solid state drive (SSD) as I already have a pile of failed hard drives. There is "this guy on Craigslist"...
  11. poot

    Corrosion on Pearl Free-Floating Brass Shells

    This is way beyond tarnish. What causes the corrosion spots? I've seen more than a few Pearl free-floaters like this. Any way to clean it up?
  12. poot

    Cut your own gut snares

    I had given up ever finding replacement snares for my vintage 12x15" parade and 3x15" snare drums. Found this source of catgut on eBay and gave it a try. Easy project. A 20' length of 1.4 mm gut is just enough to do a 15" drum. Cut the strands to 40" and loop them through the strainer eyelets...
  13. poot

    Japanese lugs?

    2" hole spacing. Looks like someone (not me) had their way with some steel wool. :0
  14. poot

    Are these Sonor Teardrop parts?

    Pretty sure the lugs and FT leg mounts are. How about the BD tee / claw?
  15. poot

    OT: What he unearthed in his backyard was jaw-dropping

    Hee hee, I get to write my own clickbait piece. Dug a hole to plant a tree but encountered a humongous load of buried concrete 1-2 ft. beneath the surface. Also dug up this prize - a vintage tricycle. It's a little dirty, but... that should buff right out. There's still a massive slab embedded...
  16. poot

    OT: Apple TV working OK for you?

    Complete novice to streaming TV services here. Getting ready to trash our boat-anchor TV / rooftop antenna and get a flat screen with HDMI so we can get Apple TV (we're already an apple household). We are fed up with the spotty quality of digital broadcast TV, particularly in cold weather. Is TV...
  17. poot

    Selling gear with engraved SSN?

    I recently acquired a Rogers Dynasonic with a previous owner's SSN engraved on an outside panel of the shell. Can I even sell it? Dremel out the SSN and make the shell look horrific? Or just part the thing out and discard the shell? Somewhere out there... is my old Dyna with my SSN engraved on...
  18. poot

    Ludwigs for the Emperor

    On this date, Sept. 26, 1971, President Nixon held a reception for visiting Emperor Showa (Hirohito) of Japan. Marine Corps logo and red rims on the snares; B/O toms in second row. Note left hand of center snare drummer - is he saluting the Emperor?
  19. poot

    Strainer Hole Pattern on 5" Acro or Supra?

    Looking for the hole placement on the shell, i.e., how far up or down from the top or bottom bearing edge are the two holes placed? Am aware that on the P-85 strainer, the hole pattern is roughly 2 17/32" center-to-center. Making an adapter plate as described in John Aldridge's "Guide to...
  20. poot

    MIJ w/ Ludwig Mounts?

    Seller thinks he has a Ludwig kit; appears to be MIJ with Ludwig tom mounts and gull wing spurs added on. Agree? Metal BD rims are another clue. Hard to judge the size of the BD; probably a 20" but looks 18-ish, probably due to camera zoom setting. I've never seen an MIJ kit with an 18" BD.