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  1. stevil

    Paiste Sound Edge shootout

    Cool video, thanks for sharing. I would've appreciated a room-mic comparison. The close-mic/mixing leaves me wondering if the brighter hats are overpowering in the room. But I tip my hat to DCP. Their Youtube channel continues to be informative and give me GAS.
  2. stevil

    What is the thickness of Blaemire/Jenkins shells ?

    Mendozart has you covered, but they were very responsive to their general email when I ordered my set earlier this year. BTW, I love them, but the best endorsement is that my band mates think they sound great, and normally they couldn't be bothered to notice my gear.
  3. stevil

    NO LONGER FOR SALE - Noble & Cooley Alloy Classic

    What kind of bearing edges does it have? Shell thickness?
  4. stevil

    Amazon deals thread

    I've bought several items from Hi-Fi-SoundConnection in the past and they have always been smooth transactions. One required a return/replacement, and they gave me no problems. It's possible that the ongoing listing is due to how Amazon lists the item, and that HiFi isn't able to correct the...
  5. stevil

    Rack Questions - Tama vs. Gibraltar; Standard vs. Stealth

    If you're so concerned about aesthetics and can afford a STAR then just bite the bullet and buy an aesthetically pleasing stealth rack where everything will match and suit your tastes.
  6. stevil

    In between sticks and brushes

    Buy 1/3" dowels, cut them to the length you like, tighten them in an electric drill, and then use sandpaper to round off the tips. They don't feel exactly like sticks, but they are better stick-feel substitutes than hot rods, and much cheaper than other suggestions here.
  7. stevil

    An edge guru

    Contact Jeff Kirsch in Portland OR. He's THAT guy in our neck of the woods and he's generous with his time and insight. Good Instagram account to follow.
  8. stevil

    Has the Drum Set Evolved to Include Too Many Toms?

    One of the cool things about our instrument is the natural variations between our kits. Most bassists/guitarist's are all doing their thing on very uniform guitars, but drummers can really put their own stamp on what they play. Or they can play the classic configuration and make it their own. My...
  9. stevil

    Snare Stand 101

    This problem has bugged me for some time with my 10-lug snare. I might need to check out a Tama stand... Their STAR hardware looks amazing, but is probably overkill...
  10. stevil

    Vistalite set on Craigslist

    Seems a little steep, but it depends. The market for Vistas really dropped locally here in Portland. I had to sell mine to someone in the Midwest through Reverb. Those concert toms look fun.
  11. stevil

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    I cut down my hi-hat rods too. It really opens up the airspace above that cymbal nicely.
  12. stevil

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Recorded a little EP last weekend with my 60s Pearl President, Savage Custom cast bronze snare, 24" A Medium Ride, 15" New Beats, 20" A Custom EFX and an 18" K Cluster Crash.
  13. stevil

    SABIAN and A&F Drums collaborating?

    Bless their hearts, they've really made something.
  14. stevil

    Any drum spots to check out in Victoria BC?

    Rufus Drum Shop
  15. stevil

    DW Performance Series Low Pro... Hack or Wack?

    DW Performance are great drums, but I've played on a set of these shallow concert tom kits and was very unimpressed. It's not a matter of the product line - DW Collectors wouldn't improve them.
  16. stevil

    wtb ludwig hammered acrophonic 6.5x14

    Rhythm Traders in Portland, OR had one in stock last I was in. Beautiful drum, great character.
  17. stevil

    Stage custom / Tour Custom??

    A Stage Custom with refinished edges is hard to distinguish from a RC.
  18. stevil

    2019 Chicago Drum Show Roll Call!

    Big virtual hugs and kisses to anyone who posts pics from the Jenkins-Martin booth
  19. stevil

    Stone Temple Pilots Drummer's New Set is Cardboard. Sounds Better Than Bubinga?

    A few years ago in reverb there was a glass drumset. IIRC it was like stave construction. Seemed insane, but I love the weird factor of unusual drums.
  20. stevil

    Stone Temple Pilots Drummer's New Set is Cardboard. Sounds Better Than Bubinga?

    Acousticon was more of a paper/woodchip-infused plastic, right? Like Pearl Bakelite shells from the 60s. Seems to me much stronger than epoxy brushed cardboard. That said, this is a neat experiment. I'm not mad at it.