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  1. J

    70's Paiste 2002 13" high hats

    looking for a pair of these!
  2. J

    Paiste Stanople Cymbal

    Does anybody know if these cymbals sound good? Sold through Leedy in the 30's 40's, made in Italy. Thanks!
  3. J

    K custom dark crash VS K dark crash

    Thanks all, I listened online and thought i liked the custom better, warmer, and more pleasing to my ear. But it's hard to tell on the computer so was wondering what others thought.
  4. J

    K custom dark crash VS K dark crash

    Can anyone explain what is the difference between the sound of these 2 cymbals. you know, if they were the same size....thanks
  5. J

    67' ludwig WMP Could anyone tellDrums

    Could anyone tell me if $600 is a fair price to pay for a set of ludwig WMP drums, keystone badge 1966-67, they are in pretty nice condition it's a 20x14 bass, 12 inch tom and 14 inch floor tom, no snare...thanks
  6. J

    67' ludwig WMP set

    I'm looking at a ludwig white marine pearl, keystone badge, 1966-67 to buy, it's a 20x14 bass, 12" tom and 14" floor tom , no snare, it's just under $600 and i was wondering if that is a fair price for's in pretty nice condition....thanks
  7. J

    rattling snares

    thanks everyone, i'll try it all and try to ignore it too!!!
  8. J

    rattling snares

    yes, i did that...that's what i meant by tried every tension....still rattles
  9. J

    rattling snares

    Does anyone have any advice about how to stop the snares from rattling when i hit the tom...they are pretty tight but i've tried every tension and some are better than others but cant make it totally go away. it's a pretty nice drum i think, 59 Leedy snare, new remo heads and new snares. thanks