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  1. cashmanbashman

    14” HHX evolution hats

    I have these in the for sale section but would consider trading them. There in near new condition. Want list 14” K hi hats, preferably a newer model K cluster crash, any size 18” K EFX crash Oriental crash of doom, any size 20” or bigger K custom or K Session Armand Beautiful baby 19” or...
  2. cashmanbashman

    24” Paiste Alpha Rock ride-Sold

    24” Paiste Alpha rock ride in near new condition. It’s a one trick pony but it does it well. The shipping on this will obviously be more then a normal cymbal so $125 shipped in the U.S. is what I’m asking. I figured $35 for shipping so $90 if you want to come pick it up.
  3. cashmanbashman

    18” A Zildjian Swish W/Rivets

    This Swish is a Hollow Logo A Zildjian. I am not sure if the rivets are factory or a previous owner installed them? I cleaned the cymbal and installed some new rivets since the previous ones were pretty well shot. I am asking $120 shipped in the U.S.
  4. cashmanbashman

    14” HHX Evolution hats $190/ SOLD

    These hi hats are in excellent condition and hardly used. I don’t have the weights but can get them if desired. I am asking $190 shipped in the U.S. I will trade for a 17” or 19” Frequency crash, 19” Meinl Byzance crash, K Efx, K cluster crash or crash of doom.
  5. cashmanbashman

    18” K Session ride—sold

    I have a 18” K Session ride I am not using. The cymbal is in very good condition with the typical fingerprints etc.. from use. I am asking $125 shipped in the U.S. The weight is 1990g and I can make a IPhone video if wanted? I have trouble getting the video to load on DFO sometimes so it...
  6. cashmanbashman

    Tama speed cobra 910 double pedal/ Sold-remove

    Selling two double pedals in great shape. 1. DW 8000–$200 shipped—-Sold From what I’ve heard they were cannibalizing the 9000 line so they were discontinued. Besides normal signs from use it’s in great shape. 2. Tama Speed Cobra 910–$190 shipped This is the high end model from the Speed cobra...
  7. cashmanbashman

    K Session or Avedis for 16” K crash

    Does anyone want to trade me a 16” K dark thin, medium thin, or K custom dark crash for a 18” K Session ride? As always I need good logos or my OCD gets the best of me. I also have a 22” Avedis to trade but can’t go straight up on it. 18” K Session ride 1990g 22” Avedis 2450g
  8. cashmanbashman

    14” or 16” Wuhan or other China-found/sold

    I have a buddy looking for a cheap 14” or 16” Wuhan or possibly other brand China. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.
  9. cashmanbashman

    What size tension rods for a Ludwig Acro

    Does anyone know what size tension rods I need for a 70s blue olive badge Acrolite? Thanks
  10. cashmanbashman

    Are these drums made by Ludwig?

    Are these actually Ludwig Rockers or did someone just put a sticker on the bass head? I’m not a Ludwig effecionata and appreciate the Help.
  11. cashmanbashman

    My cymbals for a throne with a backrest

    I have back problems and need to start using a backrest. I have a few cymbals to trade if anyone is interested? 16” Sabian HH thin crash 16” HHX Evolution ozone crash 20” HHX stage ride 17” K China boy—-traded 18” K Session ride—-traded 20” Sabian XSR Monarch, better as a crash 18” A hollow...
  12. cashmanbashman

    The Dirt on Netflix

    I am not really a fan of Motley Crue but have heard the crazy stories like everyone else. I found the show to be hilarious in a good way. The actor who plays Mick Mars is from Game of thrones and he is great in this movie. Things are completely out of order and Tommy Lee is using a DW...
  13. cashmanbashman

    Bass drum double stroke exercise

    Can someone post that bass drum double stroke video that was of Thomas Lang I believe? He was accenting on the 2nd stroke. I can’t find the previous DFO post or the video anywhere. The DFO post was a member warming up with bass drum doubles. Thanks if anyone can help.
  14. cashmanbashman

    14x6.5 Oak DW Collector snare—Traded

    I have to many wood snares and this DW Oak snare is the only one that didn’t come with a kit so I thought I might try a swap for a non wood snare. I have a steel snare so I’m thinking maybe brass, aluminum or surprise me. I’m only interested in DW snares in return. I have a pair of wood...
  15. cashmanbashman

    22” K Constantinople hi bell dry ride/Sold

    This guy is what it says it is (dry). No longer made 22” hi bell dry ride. It’s in great condition with just the model ink a little hard to read due to the lathing and the K con ink stamp they use. I would give it 8.5 to 9 on its condition. I can weigh it and try to make a sound file on my...
  16. cashmanbashman

    A quick question

    If you were offered something worth double what your item is worth in trade would you take it even though you do not like Or wouldn’t even use the item. I know what I would do and I do it every time but I am curious to hear from both sides of the matter as to why you would or would not. Thanks
  17. cashmanbashman

    Kerope, K Con etc.. Sold please remove

    I have changed my on these. I am sorry if I wasted anybody’s time but since there was minimal interest I think I’m OK there? If not I apologize again. I think I may just try to sell some of these instead.
  18. cashmanbashman

    AAX Frequency/found/sold

    Found please remove
  19. cashmanbashman

    13” K special dry hats-sold

    0154DE0E-5855-43A2-9A5B-B7CFB41448C9 by cashmanbashman posted Dec 12, 2018 at 8:20 PMI have these new design 13” K special dry hats I bought new and put maybe an hour of use on? I only have this picture with them on the stand until I can figure out how my new phone works. I will take more pics...
  20. cashmanbashman

    8” Tama Tom in Blue ocean ripple

    Still looking for a 8” Starclassic BB Tom in this finish. New or used is fine and a sale or trade works. Thanks CD02EF05-637E-4B71-94BE-D52D85864B92 by cashmanbashman posted Dec 1, 2018 at 7:44 PMED6599BC-48A1-463A-9574-0F7EE4DB11BD by cashmanbashman posted Dec 1, 2018 at 7:44 PM