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  1. jazzerprm

    Sabian HH ID

    Hi all. I just picked this 16 up for a really good price. Can any Sabian experts confirm which model it is? I think that its an older HH? Cheers in advance...
  2. jazzerprm

    Sabian Chopper - any users / opinions?

    Hi all. I have the chance to get a 10 chopper pretty cheap. I like the sound from demos online, but Im not too sure whether its the kind of fx that would stand the test of time. Im playing post-rock / experimental stuff at the moment, as well as acoustic stuff (which this definitely wouldnt...
  3. jazzerprm

    DW STM 12” Tom Mount

    Hi all. I need to get hold of a 12 DW STM tom mount... Anyone have one to sell? I would buy new, but theres a 4 month wait on orders! Im based in England, but would be happy to pay shipping from overseas. Cheers!
  4. jazzerprm

    Wrap Dilemma...!

    Hey all... I am putting together an orphan DW collectors kit and am wondering about what wrap to go for. I have 20 x 16 in marine red pearl, 14 x 12 in silver glitter (which is to drilled for legs) and, hopefully, a 12 x 8 in champagne glitter. I was going to go for the MRP, but the glitters...