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  1. Drumstickdude

    Calfskin as snare reso

    I'm using a Majetone calfskin thin batter head on my 51/2" cloud badge Krupa model radio king and also rotate by taking it off and putting it on my 60s solid shell 10 lug slingerland snare, I'm only interested in using calf on snares not toms. Far to expensive and not always gig practical. it's...
  2. Drumstickdude

    Calfskin as snare reso

    Calfskin as snare reso
  3. Drumstickdude

    New snare defective or not?

    What is the opinion on criteria for returning a new drum? I've just been delivered a brand new worldmax black dawg 61/2" by 14" snare ( black on brass) whilst spending quite a bit of time over 2 afternoons trying to tune it and dial it in, its become apparent that it is very difficult to clear...
  4. Drumstickdude

    First paiste 602

    I got this on eBay 20", vintage 602 ride, first time I've had one, have played it twice with big bands and I've gotta say I'm loving it, Iam very happy with the sound, works better than dark rides for medium loud - loud settings. It's reasonably clear and has more wash than I expected, which...
  5. Drumstickdude

    How often do you think about drums and drumming

    I've just been wondering about how many times in a day I think about drumming or drums or even a specific drum ( or cymbal) or anything to do with it. (I mean when not actually playing or buying etc. ) I haven't really counted! but realise it is a LOT!! I Am preoccupied with it, as there's a...
  6. Drumstickdude

    Joe Morrelo book

    Anyone have experience with this book, it was out of print for years written in 1967. I've just got it and am starting to go through it. Like his other books it is influenced by stick control of which I get a lot out of.
  7. Drumstickdude

    Finding old threads

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to find an old thread without having to go through every one!
  8. Drumstickdude

    Early who footage

    I have a real soft spot and love the who, I discovered this early footage, totaly different to what they are musically known for I think. hope the link works.
  9. Drumstickdude

    Aquarian texture coated

    A while back for the 1st time I tried an Aquarian texture coated 14" snare batter, and I absolutely loved the sound ( head is off the drum now) was quite a tight fit on the shell- which I hate as I think it could be choking the sound. Am just wondering if anyone else has used one and...
  10. Drumstickdude

    Hoops for radio king snare

    Does anyone know or have any experience or knowledge on a suitable replacement batter side hoop for a 40s Krupa model radio king snare? ( replacing the original stick chopper hoop) obviously I'd keep the original, the problem is that a certain snare batter head that sounds best on this snare...
  11. Drumstickdude

    Maple black panther snare

    I've just received this today, bought used on eBay. First generation I believe. Mapex premium black panther maple w/t gold plated hardware. I changed top head as it was the original one with bp logo and took off the puresound 30 strange wires, and put some Canopus vintage chrome plated that I...
  12. Drumstickdude

    Remo Classic fit

    I don't like having to slag off a company, but I'm absolutely pi....d off with remo. What a week I've had trying to get my new Classic fit ambassador snare batter head to actually seet properly and tune up. I'd been REALY exited about these as the final long awaited solution to getting my...
  13. Drumstickdude

    Remo classic fit

    Well I've finally got a 14" coated batter ( remo Classic fit- to fit oversized drums) on my radio king snare and I've got to say I'm blown away by it, it's nearly like having a new drum, I had to wrestle the old head off it but the new head slipped on easily, I could actually turn it around on...
  14. Drumstickdude

    Drumhead warped

    Can I kindly ask for opinions on this. Today, after waiting since January I received my remo 14" classic fit coated ambassador, I noticed at the the welded joint part of the hoop it doesn't look quite even, it's slightly raised, and it doesn't lie perfectly flat on a flat surface by about 3/16"...
  15. Drumstickdude

    artist/radio king snare drums

    A quick on the spot demo of my artist model and 40s radio king snares. Sorry about to much background of mams house!
  16. Drumstickdude

    VDF down again

    With the previous problem, and then it got resolved, it lookes like vintage drum furum site is down again. Maybe it's hackers?
  17. Drumstickdude

    Heads tighten in heat

    I'm not sure I've noticed this before but not long into a big band gig I did on Saturday my snare drum started quite quickly to lose its tone and just sounded very thin, I'm convinced it's due to the fact that the room starts to really warm up. Also a lot of bodies around it. This has probably...
  18. Drumstickdude

    Radio king repro lugs

    Any Radio king experts here?, I'm wondering if I should get some of those modern reproduction streamlined lugs for this RK Krupa model snare drum, A couple of the original lugs are starting to bind, ( this happens before the tension rod fully contacts the hoop) I do want to change heads soon but...
  19. Drumstickdude

    Gregory porter drummer

    Has anyone had much experience watching/listening to drummer Emmanuel Jones? I watched the Glastonbury festival last night ( had never heard Gregory porter before ), and just thought the drummer Emanuel Jones's playing was amazing. He plays very fluid and organic and a lot of the time used a...
  20. Drumstickdude

    Gregory porter drummer

    Has anyone had much experience watching/listening to drummer Emmanuel Jones? I watched the Glastonbury festival last night ( had never heard Gregory porter before ), and just thought the