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  1. idrum4fun

    Reduction in Picture Size

    Still waiting to hear from the mods on this picture size issue! 600x450 is just too darn small to show our drums. Is there a reason the site can't go back to 1200x900? -Mark
  2. idrum4fun

    Source for relatively inexpensive solid brass tube lugs (not plated)?

    Yep, no such thing as "inexpensive" solid brass tube lugs! Don Corder has been making them for a very long time now. The best you'll find...and in just about any length you'll need! Chrome plating will certainly increase the cost! -Mark
  3. idrum4fun

    Is the zoomatic strainer gig worthy?

    No, it does not. It's the same two-hole patter, 2.5", as the Rapid strainer. -Mark
  4. idrum4fun

    Is the zoomatic strainer gig worthy?

    The TDR has the same hole spacing as the Rapid strainer...2.5". Next, try finding a complete TDR setup! -Mark
  5. idrum4fun

    Vintage Slingerland Cut-Away 8 Piece

    Yes, the kit in question is a Niles kit! As mentioned above, Fred Sanford was instrumental with advancing Slingerland's position with marching percussion and the "Cut-a-Way" toms! The design really did project the sound much better! Many of these kits were featured in Slingerland's 1979 catalog...
  6. idrum4fun

    o.t. To the Moon, Alice!

    I've been following this topic since it started. What it seems to come down to is that there will always be those who firmly believe, for whatever reasons, that we did not go to the the moon and it's all an elaborate hoax. Even if these naysayers could go to the moon and see everything left...
  7. idrum4fun

    Ludwig black and white badge question

    I had a 90's Blackrolite (Acrolite with the Black Galaxy finish) with a B&W badge, pictured here. If anyone is wondering about the blue painter's tape with the arrow, it's to specify where the snare bed should be (small-length tape) and where it was actually located (long-length tape). -Mark
  8. idrum4fun

    Which is Better the DW Delta or Mag Throw

    Is this the strainer you are referring to? I obtained this PDP Ace a few years ago for cheap, just so I could flip it. I do remember that strainer being a real gem! -Mark
  9. idrum4fun

    Which is Better the DW Delta or Mag Throw

    Hi Ken! I really like the Mag strainer and installed it on my PDP snare drum. It even fit the existing holes! I really wanted to use the 3-position butt, only it wouldn't fit the existing holes. I like the magnetic catch on the strainer and it also looks really nice, too! -Mark
  10. idrum4fun

    Anyone Remove a Couple Center Snare Wires to Reduce Buzz?

    "Equalizer" wires really do work! The first drum is a "Frankenstein" players drum, built with a Rogers SuperTen shell. The wires had some bad strands in the middle, so I cut out enough so they'd be like the Puresound wires. The drum sounded great! The next drum was built from a 14" Yamaha tom...
  11. idrum4fun

    Rogers Brass Dyna Sonic

    Yes, lots of nice Dynas out there! Details matter and condition is everything! Choose wisely! -Mark
  12. idrum4fun

    SOLD Rogers 60s COB Dyna-Sonic snare drum

    How are you uploading pictures? Are you using the "Attach files" just below where you enter your text? -Mark
  13. idrum4fun

    Worldmax Slingerland Style Stick Saver Hoops!

    To my knowledge, there is no difference in quality. -Mark
  14. idrum4fun

    Worldmax Slingerland Style Stick Saver Hoops!

    Yes, they are the same hoop! -Mark
  15. idrum4fun

    Worldmax Slingerland Style Stick Saver Hoops!

    Are these the hoops you are referring to... HERE -Mark
  16. idrum4fun

    Another new snare drum free

    Paul! Great looking marching drum, made even better by your friend giving it to you. I have two marching drums, both 10x14. Here's my 70's Slingerland marching drum, wrapped in the original Silver/Blue sparkle. I found the Remo Sparkletone head, also in blue! I have an old-school sling for the...
  17. idrum4fun

    Rogers Brass Dyna Sonic

    Forgot to mention that my drum is a 1966 Cleveland, assembled at the Covington factory. I can also include one of these excellent reproduction tuning tags. I don't remember if they were offered by a member here or over at VDF. -Mark
  18. idrum4fun

    Rogers Brass Dyna Sonic

    I guess I'll throw my hat into the ring! Lanebune's sounds really nice, and I don't want to influence you in any way! My 7-line is SN 6948 and all original, except for new heads. The pictured heads have been replaced with new Remo's, including a coated Diplomat batter and Ambassador snare-side...
  19. idrum4fun

    Amazing Spirit Who Rocked Around the Clock Dead at 95

    Dick leaves us with a lasting legacy of early rock and roll! “Rock Around the Clock” and “Shake, Rattle and Roll” are truly iconic songs. RIP and thanks for the wonderful songs! -Mark
  20. idrum4fun

    “Holy Grail Prototype” eBay Alert (Scam)

    This "steel-shell" Supra smacks of being completely phony. I have The Ludwig Book and there is mention of steel-shell Supras that others remember being made. Still, wouldn't it have also been a spun and seamless shell? The badge and grommet look altered. The P85 and P33 butt are not correct for...