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  1. jeffh

    Steambent Bubinga custom snare -- Special pricing for forum members

    Guys, I appreciate the interest in that, but it's not the business I'm in. I get lots of requests for components, but I really only sell completed drums. :) And I can ship outside the US -- just not with Bubinga these days (or most of the rest of the Rosewood family).
  2. jeffh

    Ordering a custom kit. Should my 22" Bass Drum have 8 or 10 lugs?

    What does your custom builder say? If you're choosing him to do the work you should already value his advice.
  3. jeffh

    Steambent Bubinga custom snare -- Special pricing for forum members

    It could look like that, if the buyer opts for the brass/black nickel combination. I don't normally use brass tubes because they're relatively soft and the threading is more susceptible to long-term wear and tear. As far as number of lugs, most of of our 14" drums get 10 lugs although we've...
  4. jeffh

    Steambent Bubinga custom snare -- Special pricing for forum members

    Here's a rare opportunity, which I'm posting on two favorite forums for a limited time with special pricing for forum members. This great-looking solid steambent Bubinga 6.5x14 snare drum shell (with Bubinga re-rings) has a beautiful gloss finish and is ready for its build-out. It was intended...
  5. jeffh

    Nude Band members wanted !!!

    Not sure how this might affect the market for piccolo snares...
  6. jeffh

    An edge guru

    Same for me as for Tommy -- my bearing edge work is a fairly detailed and careful process, with adjustments for shell construction method and wood species, as well as for intended sound and use. Very gradual cutting, multiple hand sandings, sealing and polishing, etc. I will occasionally do it...
  7. jeffh

    Outrageous kit

    Thanks, Mark ! I don't have too many early photos, but these two will show you glimpses of the interiors (before and after finishing). Sorry, no bearing edge closeups.
  8. jeffh

    Outrageous kit

    Maybe you will sometime. They’re gigging in Florida on a regular basis. Sorry I don’t have any recordings. :(
  9. jeffh

    Outrageous kit

    Okay, this one is just over the top. All-bubinga ply shells with an outer veneer of waterfall bubinga. Sizes 9x13, 16x16, 16x20; the tom shells are 5mm thick, the kick is 7mm. Graduated bearing edge profiles according to size. It's got tone and punch that just don't quit. I have to admit I had a...
  10. jeffh

    Tung Oil questions

    People get confused between pure tung oil and the more common tung oil finish. Pure tung oil is generally used in formulating a blend for a finish. If it’s used by itself it basically never fully cures. Not in 24 hours, not in a week, not in six months. You can never achieve a gloss with it...
  11. jeffh

    Favorite snare for rock

    "Rock" covers a pretty huge amount of territory. Really, almost any general-use kit snare can be a rock snare. Can you be a little more specific about the use/sound/feel/character?
  12. jeffh

    I'm way behind in photo posting, so here's a snare.

    Every time I feel like there's not enough activity on the forum, I have to admit that I myself haven't been posting photos in a while. So here's to getting back into it! This fine specimen has a 7x14 Padauk stave shell, 1/4" thick with integrated rerings. Black hardware with solid brass lug...
  13. jeffh

    OT. Festool domino

    I don't own one but I've used them. Very handy but pricey, like all the Festool stuff. Keep in mind, though, it's pretty easy to make a generous supply of the dominoes yourself.
  14. jeffh

    Cymbal Endorsement

    This is why I don't use an endorsement program. The true concept of the relationship is that the artist chooses to play a manufacturer's product because they prefer it so much that they want to use it exclusively and are happy to make that opinion public. When companies offer discount programs...
  15. jeffh

    If the bearing edge/top of snare is not flat...

    In that situation, I'd probably seek out a friend who has a table saw with a cast iron top. Not necessarily perfect, but it might be more likely to be closer tolerances, especially if it's a cabinet-grade tool. The good news is that 1mm - 0.5mm (2/100 to 4/100 of an inch) won't affect your...
  16. jeffh

    New oyster blue differences

    From a photographic standpoint, it looks like the walls in the two rooms are different in color, contrast, and brightness. That can affect the color of the light reflected onto the drums by the surroundings. Look at the color difference of the two bass drum heads. Just a thought to consider.
  17. jeffh

    If the bearing edge/top of snare is not flat...

    OK, then if all of your snares have this issue to some extent, my next guess would be that the flat surface you use to examine them is not truly flat. Not sure what you're using, but granite countertops and mirrors, let alone tabletops, are not generally reliable for flatness.
  18. jeffh

    Stave Walnut snare-how to finish?

    I honestly wouldn't stain a dark wood like that. When you put an oil-based finish on there, you'll see that grain come to life.
  19. jeffh

    If the bearing edge/top of snare is not flat...

    Just saw this, so it's probably too late, but... "If the bearing edge/top of snare is not perfectly flat then how much imperfection before it affects the tone? "Example, when I place the top part of the snare on a flat surface, there are two areas opposite each other that sit slightly higher...
  20. jeffh

    Podcast interview: Carolina Drumworks

    I had a super time doing the interview for this "Behind the Backline" podcast, and thought this bunch of drum fanatics might enjoy it. Let's face it, talking about drums is almost as much fun as making them. And talking about making them, well... Give it a listen for insights about what goes...