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  1. hawker

    >>>>>>>>Bill Stewart ! >>>>>>

    Man Stewart is SO good here. Those 12 bar across-the-bar fills are so creative. I "think" they were 12 bars.
  2. hawker

    Vinnie’s Gretsch drums

    Ha I knew it wasn't just talent and practice! There's special sauce!!
  3. hawker


    Still for sale by any chance?
  4. hawker


    I see the video is removed, but any chance this cymbal is still available?
  5. hawker

    SOLD! Istanbul Agop 21" Special Edition Jazz Ride

    OP, may I ask what stick you were using in the video? I have a 20" that I've had for about eight years and love. But it's 1830 gr which makes yours fairly light for a 21". Thanks.
  6. hawker

    Un-aired Buddy Rich tv show on PBS

    Donnie Osborne was Mel Torme's drummer for many years, probably him. He is also the son of the former President of Slingerland, Don Osborne. He was a Buddy clone...and I say that with total respect. He was an incredible drummer in his own right, but a huge admirer of Buddy and played the same...
  7. hawker

    Celebrating the 15 Most Underrated Drummers Of All Time

    I don't know you well rikkrebs...but you are seriously underrated in my book. ;) One thing about that original list; two of the richest underrated drummers in the world are on it. I would be LOVE to be that underrated.
  8. hawker


    Very sad, a very talented player indeed.
  9. hawker

    R.I.P. Doctor John.

    I loved his singing. He recorded two CDs later in life of all Standards. Killer. Also, someone recently posted on YouTube a compilation video of many of his appearances on Letterman. Most of them also featured Paul and the band and guest artists. Great music!
  10. hawker

    I Need Hearing Aid Advice

    Thanks all of you for your advice. I'll be digesting all of this as I work through the processs. I don't want to make a mistake, so I'll be taking my time. However, I am hearing something from several of you that is surprising (disappointing?) me. That is, not to wear them when I play. I...
  11. hawker

    Tips up? In your stick bag...

    Always down.
  12. hawker

    I Need Hearing Aid Advice

    To make a long story short, after fifty years of playing I pulled the plug completely about two years ago. I was playing a two-three times a month and all of a sudden started realizing I was having some issues on the band stand. Others noticed something was off as well. Bottom line; I've lost...
  13. hawker

    Jazz-Blues in Orange County?

    Is Steamers still around in Fullerton?
  14. hawker


    Love this, thanks for the effort!
  15. hawker

    Steve Gadd Grammy

    Congrats to Steve and the band, well deserved!!!
  16. hawker

    Jazz-Blues in Orange County?

    Folks, I'll be in Orange County (Anaheim) the entire week of March 25. Any suggestions for some good jazz anywhere in the area? I won't have a car so will have to Uber and don't really care for going all the way to L.A. Thanks much!
  17. hawker

    Jazz in Philly?

    Looks like I'll be in Philly Sept. 21-23. What's the best site to check to see what Jazz is available in local clubs or venues that weekend? Are there two or three clubs that bring in really good jazz artists that you would recommend? Thanks much! Steve
  18. hawker

    RIP Grady Tate

    Now nice. Just killer. Thx for posting.
  19. hawker

    RIP Grady Tate

    "Tasty Grady" Tate. Incredible musical drummer, teacher and singer. A fine singer. Played with everyone and will be missed.
  20. hawker

    Mel Lewis on Dave Tough

    Yep, Mel was known to be both opinionated and outspoken. Must be why he and Buddy got along so well. :)