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  1. musiqman

    MAY non drill mic system question

    In that case you have to poke one through at the time. I had that with most of my kits. Now the system sits basically useless on the shelf as I use mostly external mics and play with a head with a hole in it.
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    Semi OT: Etsy Buying for $275mil

    Wow. Very cool. I worked at the Europe startup in Amsterdam. It really is a company by and for musicians (it is way more then just ''an url and some code'') and I hope this continues.
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    MAY non drill mic system question

    What they said.
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    Strange. Maybe its a Europe thing. I don’t have that. Ill reach out to the web dev team.
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    Not here unfortunately :(
  6. musiqman

    Which is Better the DW Delta or Mag Throw

    It is what makes the system complete to me. Three different snare sounds in one snare. I love it. Now, if they would still made in black my new snares would have it too.
  7. musiqman

    Which is Better the DW Delta or Mag Throw

    I would only use the mag with the the 3p. Without it, for most drummers (the ones that don’t need a split second to take the wires down/up) the Delta is enough imo.
  8. musiqman

    The "Ideal" Crash Cymbal Size?

    For me it is 20” My EAK Brilliant Dark Crash from the 80’s is so perfectly balanced. It suits low volume as well because its quite mellow when played soft. My previous 19” Kerope was a bit more suited for low volume gigs though.
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    I only have this option:
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    A great tool is: &showsold=true pasted behind the url when you have put in a search. It gives you all the history of a said sold item with their respective prices. very useful. I do notice it takes longer to sell on Reverb and there is no lowball offer block function.
  11. musiqman

    Sad to see your hero take a back seat to someone else...

    Without Jon and Chris, it is a sort of tribute band for me. And that comes from a Yes/Alan White fan who grew up with them, but maybe it is because of that. They should have stopped years ago. Just like Phil after his previous tour. Glad that (as a relatively younger guy from 85), had the...
  12. musiqman

    Drum thrones with back

    Bought a very minty DW secondhand and purchased the backrest new. Love it for those moments in between playing.
  13. musiqman

    18” Floors

    I have a 15'' that's all I need for most. But for the feel of a second tom, I am interested adding a 18'' for those occasions. I had an 18'' vintage RC and it was thunderous.
  14. musiqman

    I loved the CS clear for more rock styles. The (black and white) Suede Emperor (and thinner...

    I loved the CS clear for more rock styles. The (black and white) Suede Emperor (and thinner Ambassador for more open tone sounds) were my to go heads. If you don't want to care about tuning, the Pinstripes are good too.
  15. musiqman

    Set up my brother's old Yamaha Oak Customs today

    Loved the oak’s. Used them for about 9 years. With the right heads and tuning they fit every style. To vouch for that, they where the backline kits for both the North Sea jazz Festival and the North Sea Jazz Club for years.
  16. musiqman

    Yamaha bass drum mount cover plate?

    They did a short run on those (only fitting the latest models with the smaller kick mount). The older square ones were made by SoCalMike. I had the first custom one he sold.
  17. musiqman

    Have a bunch of gear to sell, just can't be bothered anymore.

    Switched finally last year. After 26 years it was time for something new and what I felt, more fitting. I didn't have a deal but worked closely with and for them.
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    Oh, that would make a nice match with this custom Quilted Maple kit:
  19. musiqman

    Have a bunch of gear to sell, just can't be bothered anymore.

    I have a stock of Yamaha gear from the switch to DW. Not even the rarest one of a kind items gaining traction, nor bulk buying. I tried selling a 6,5 Craviotto and got offers in the range of 350... I also had one sale here that went very ugly. Luckily my insurance company took over as Paypal...
  20. musiqman

    Vintage DW/Camco/Gon Bops snare.

    As far as I can tell, no True Tune rods here. Although It could be done by changing the inserts of the lug. You can see the exact same lugs and screws on the last LA Camco kits, the vintage DW kits (had one myself too) and on the same snares on Reverb and Hazelshould in the Google history...