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  1. Fat Drummer

    Pat Metheny - Lyle Mays cover

    Absolutely love it!!! I enjoyed every aspect.
  2. Fat Drummer

    I just Hydro-Dipped my drums to repaint them!

    Outstanding idea, execution AND playing... a real triple threat!
  3. Fat Drummer

    The Tama thread

    Thank you so much... I love this place!
  4. Fat Drummer

    Can anyone identify this snare make and model?

    I'm sure it is a 1970's Premier 1026 Chrome over Aluminum. Though looking at the butt, I would say a latter issue. The badge is just missing from the vent panel. I will let the Premier experts confirm or deny, but I have had several of these over the years so I'm pretty confident on this one...
  5. Fat Drummer

    The Tama thread

    Hey... I finally get to add something to the Tama thread! What can you guys tell me about the time line on this snare? I know that the aluminum model was not available in the first few years, what year did Tama introduce the "beer can" shell? And I also know that the orgional badge had "made in...
  6. Fat Drummer

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    I always enjoy the entries with mutiple kits in a weekend and I had the chance this weekend to add one of those myself... 3 days, 3 different bands, 3 different kits and 3 different cymbals rigs! I LOVE this thing we call drums!!!!
  7. Fat Drummer

    The "Ideal" Crash Cymbal Size?

    My problem is I like everything! All my cymbal rigs start with a 16" crash but I seldom use them it seems. I played 15" and 16" crashs exclusively for 20 years but have morphed to larger but THINNER cymbals over the past 6 or so years. My quietest set is not a small, traditionally heaver set...
  8. Fat Drummer

    Drumstick Innovation -New Product Launch

    Congratulation on a new breakthrough but it's hard for us to have any thoughts at all without photos at a minimum and preferably good quality video at best. I suppose if you cant share any details and pics, we will just set back and see what comes down the pike later. I wish you nothing but...
  9. Fat Drummer

    New release out today

    Sounds great...Even to an old dude! Nice pocket and super solid, I would be very proud of that track to be sure.
  10. Fat Drummer

    Drumming life and Apartment Life...can I survive?

    Now THAT'S a good neighbor!
  11. Fat Drummer

    New Snare...

    now that's just too cool!
  12. Fat Drummer

    New Snare...

    What a sweet snare, It sounds good even in the photos! Congratulations on the new addition. Now, whats the story on the uber cool steam punk drum head art in the background?
  13. Fat Drummer


    Thanks for the link I guess, but I could care less. Reverb will stand or fall on its own merits with our without our insights and I personally don't care to spend my hobby time reading a fued or conflict between two members. Life's to short to send my energy that way. I'll move along now before...
  14. Fat Drummer

    Very Crazy Craigslist Ad

    LOL!!! I dont really have anything to say... the add kinda says it all... and a whole lot more!
  15. Fat Drummer

    Ordering a custom kit. Should my 22" Bass Drum have 8 or 10 lugs?

    It looks like your decision is already made. I personally am a 10 lug guy but you obviously are a 8 lug fan and I would not argue a single point of your 5 reasons... go for 8!
  16. Fat Drummer

    Received a Free Drum from a Co-Worker

    WOW!!!! Mow that is the right price for a GREAT drum! Congratulations!
  17. Fat Drummer

    So another Noble & Cooley Snare followed me home...

    Super fine snares gents.... nice to call them your own!
  18. Fat Drummer

    Building a New Studio ... ... ... eventually

    We are all so proud for you... this is going to be awesome and worth all the tribulation along the way!
  19. Fat Drummer

    Steambent Bubinga custom snare -- Special pricing for forum members

    STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful drum, someone will be a very happy owner!
  20. Fat Drummer

    Finally received my Renowns!

    Congrats on the new addition, they look great! And I dig your choice of sizes as well.