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    20 inch A zil value question

    I agree Tama CW - I highly suspect it's the patina that's making it sound dead, that's why I suggested Brasso to brighten the tone. But I agree, try to sell it first as a dry (and thin?) cymbal, you never know who might want something like that. I don't think I've ever seen a cymbal that's...
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    Upgrading my snare

    My favorite snares ever are both Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Nouveau, I have a 14x7 and a 14x5.5. The Aluminium hoops are the perfect mix for me, not as focused as a die-cast hoop, but also not as open as a triple-flanged hoop.
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    Anyone who plays the piano?

    If I taught drums more (or at all!) piano would have to be a requirement. I took piano lessons 1st-5th grade, really hated the lessons, but got into drums in 6th grade because so many people wanted to play drums, so my middle school required piano experience to be a drummer. I didn't really...
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    20 inch A zil value question

    How thin, do you know the weight? I'm not usually a fan of cleaning cymbals, but it if feels played out (no high end) then maybe a good Brasso scrubbing would do some good towards restoring the highs. I agree with mlayton, $75 as-is, but I would try marketing it for awhile at $75-$100 (make a...
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    Scale for weighing cymbals

    Worth it to buy a scale for home use, especially at under $10. I've got a couple of them, I use a tall scotch whisky cardboard container to tare, then put the cymbal on top so that I can still read the weight. Can use it for postal weight measurements also, as a bonus.
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    22" New Stamp Istanbul Old K Zildjian

    Thanks! The Isty K market seems to be down a bit now. I have a friend with an old stamp Istanbul K (used to be owned by drummer Rodney Green), he was offered $2K for it a couple years ago and is now kicking himself for not selling it back then.
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    22" New Stamp Istanbul Old K Zildjian

    Came here from the now-defunct Looking to move my old K that I don't play much anymore. Heavy-ish (2812 grams) but plays lighter. Here's a Reverb link.