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  1. hardbat

    smaller bags/cases for vintage drums

    Modern bags/bases such as Protection Racket, Ahead, etc. all oversize their cases to accommodate RIMS mounts, etc. Vintage drums tend to have less bulky stuff, so I sometimes read that buying one size smaller can mean a better fit. I'm outfitting an old Camco kit (no RIMS) with cases. I managed...
  2. hardbat

    Got a bunch of vintage sticks the other day (remarks)

    The old regal tips from back in the 1970's were definitely different then today's.
  3. hardbat

    Anybody got $85K laying around?

    Amazing drum. The stand looks precarious. The true holy grail of all time would be Chick Webb's Gladstone kit.
  4. hardbat

    “Holy Grail Prototype” eBay Alert (Scam)

    How can he be so certain it's a rare prototype if he "know's nothing".
  5. hardbat

    Protection Racket 20x14 Bass Drum bag wanted

    I'd like to find a PR 20x14 bass drum bag. Let me know if you have one, thanks!
  6. hardbat

    Anyone else using two rides on live gigs?

    All my cymbals are rides. All my cymbals are crashes.
  7. hardbat


    I still use moleskin. The only exception is when I am using a big fluffy beater, then I don't use anything on the head at all.
  8. hardbat

    Nude Band members wanted !!!

    The iconic example is in "Shot in the Dark", here at 1:30:
  9. hardbat

    Songo beat

    Great resources - I know what I'll be practicing next.
  10. hardbat

    Who puts new tension rods on a vintage kit?

    Bass Drum T-rods, yes, I'd want them to be period correct. Those tend to have a particular look. Tension rods on a tom tom, I don't really care - although I do like the amount of threading to be consistent if possible. HOWEVER, if you already have the original tension rods, it's pretty easy to...
  11. hardbat

    de-yellowing before and after

    The secret is to move the drum from indoors to outdoors. :)
  12. hardbat

    Baby Dodds

    It's a bit difficult to really appreciate what they are doing out of context. Here's one of my favorite Baby Dodds tracks, swings like crazy:
  13. hardbat

    Traditional grip

    One possible advantage of trad that I never see mentioned is the asymmetry of the kit. With traditional, the left stick is already pointing in the direction of the floor tom and your body isn't getting in the way of moving that direction. I know, weak... I'll go back to my corner now.
  14. hardbat

    Traditional grip

    I learned with traditional and play much better that way. However, I think that these days, especially for someone starting later in life, matched makes more sense.
  15. hardbat

    Looking for a new (round) drum throne to solve cramping problem

    That thick Pork Pie is really comfy.
  16. hardbat

    28" snare

    That's a product looking for a market.
  17. hardbat

    WTB - Camco aqua flame snare

    Thanks! That's very pretty! Having said that, I already have a matching Gretsch. So I'm looking specifically for a Camco.
  18. hardbat

    Ebay Nightmare

    Thanks for sharing about his trick to try and bait you into threatening him. That is useful to know about.
  19. hardbat

    I received my dream snare drum yesterday... Just want to share it with you all...

    That's the sort of item that you don't really own, you're just its current caretaker.
  20. hardbat

    Purecussion Headset NE

    I broke one of the bass drum "lugs", and have been completely unable to find a replacement. So I just spread the others around to fill in the gap, and am using one less than it is supposed to have. So far it's working, but I imagine that someday I'll break another one, or two, and then I won't...