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  1. High on Stress

    AVH Drumming on “Jump” Solo

    AVH mentioned in an old MD interview that he’ll listen to another drummer and play a bit like them. During the 1984 era and in particularly on Jump, I detect a Bozzio phase in his playing ... the Roto toms and his playing during that guitar solo section: displaced backbeats, accents on the bell...
  2. High on Stress

    Finally received my Renowns!

    Agree! My RN1s came with those heads on the toms and bass drum and they were great. I replaced the toms with Ambassadors when the Emperors wore out but will probably go back to clear Emps for the next head change. The PS3/white coated Gretsch logo head bass drum combo is also as good as it...
  3. High on Stress

    Tama Rosewood snare vs other rosewood snares

    I have a Pearl Masterworks rosewood snare. It's very dry and articulate sounding, more like a concert snare than a big rock drum sound like the one Alex Van Halen got with his Tama rosewood snare in the 80s. I may need to play around with it more but as set up with standard wires and coated...
  4. High on Stress

    Discussed before: 14x24 vs. 16x24 bass drum?

    I have a 16x24. Sounds great but would sound better if it was a 14x24. I think 14 is the perfect depth for any bass drum, especially as the diameter increases. My 10x28 marcher is fun and sounds surprisingly good but I prefer my 14x26.
  5. High on Stress

    Question(s) for gretsch renown owners

    I just did a short tour last week with my RN1s, the last Renowns with the die-cast hoops. They are a bit heavy if you are used to something like vintage 3 ply drums. The drums sound and look terrific and can handle any kind of volume situation. If you can get a deal on them (and it used to be...
  6. High on Stress

    High on Stress Tour Dates

    The High on Stress “Blonde Ambition” tour starts tonight in Eau Claire! High on Stress Upcoming Shenanigans Tonight!!! - Mousetrap Tavern - Eau Claire, WI w/the Jaggernauts - 8:30 PM June 28th - Tarlton Theatre - Green Bay, WI w/Memphis Star & One Night Standards June 29th - Silvies -...
  7. High on Stress

    What setup do you bring to club/bar/restaurant gigs?

    My small/light/quick/quiet set up. DW 12/16/20 with Longo Solid maple snare. DW UL hardware.
  8. High on Stress

    Gig Schizophrenia

    Do not suggest suicide to someone, even jokingly. Not cool or funny or acceptable at all.
  9. High on Stress

    Outdoor gigs in the Florida heat

    Had the wrap bubble on a black drum kit. Was told we’d be under a roof but it was outdoors and fully exposed. It gets hot in MN is the summer. So hot I could barely touch the cymbals afterward. Melted the wrap on a set of Pearl Exports. Thankfully not my best kit. After that I got some...
  10. High on Stress

    Do You Change Your Angles/Heights for Different Styles?

    Sometimes when playing smaller, quieter gigs I do angle the drums and cymbals more and bring them in a bit tighter. Makes it hard for me to play hard.
  11. High on Stress

    (SOLD) FOR SALE: Ludwig B/O Acrolite

    Nice one, Mike!
  12. High on Stress

    SOLD - DW Collectors 6pc Ruby Red Sparkle

    Nope. Wish I was closer
  13. High on Stress

    Prayers needed for fellow Drum Brother, Chris Jensen

    Make that cancer rue the day it thought it found a host.
  14. High on Stress

    What Makes A Snare Drum Good?

    This happens to me a lot. The rod near the rimshot area completely detunes and the drum is sounding great. I check tuning and bring the tension tod back up and now the drum sounds off to me.
  15. High on Stress

    A first for me - snare reso head broke during a gig.

    It happens. Those heads are so thin and stretched so tight, they can pull right out of the hoop. Or get rubbed the wrong way by your snares and develop a tear.
  16. High on Stress

    24” bass drum

    I must be built weird. I’m not super tall but have long arms I guess. I rotate between 20, 22, 24 and 26 bass drums without any difficulty in tom positioning. I actually prefer the bigger drums.
  17. High on Stress

    High on Stress and INDe Drums at First Avenue

    Fully sold out Mainroom!
  18. High on Stress

    High on Stress and INDe Drums at First Avenue

    Belonged to the headliner’s drummer. I brought my own Ludwigs but took the opportunity to try the INDes. I actually saw the same kit in a local shop and was considering buying it before Billy bought it. They were gone one day and then I saw them again on stage!
  19. High on Stress

    High on Stress and INDe Drums at First Avenue

    You know it. Prince’s parking spot in the garage is reserved in perpetuity. Hallowed ground ...
  20. High on Stress

    High on Stress and INDe Drums at First Avenue

    Played this black INDe 13/16/18/24 kit at a sold out First Avenue show last night. FOH guys were digging the sound, especially the bass drum. Lots of fun rocking these for 1500 people!