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  1. Trev

    Thank you to forum member “Nacci ”

    Thanks for the acknowledgement Jazzhead. I hope it fits the bill! I haven't been on the forum for a while, so it's nice to know I still have friends here. G'day all, greetings from Sunny Sydney!
  2. Trev

    Took the Blue Oysters on a gig!

    That is a beautiful kit, no doubt about it.
  3. Trev

    Blue/Olive Supraphonic

    KCDrumDad, So nice to see you haven't changed, and are still a wonderful font of knowledge when it comes to these things. Great info there. Hi, by the way. I haven't been here for some time (busy gigging and sorting out my life), but hopefully will be in future and contribute more than I...
  4. Trev

    All Cleaned Up! '59 Trans Badge Blue Sparkle

    Beautiful kit! I love blue sparkle. Wish mine looked as good...
  5. Trev

    Ludwig Champagne Sparkle - Finished Product!

    Nice work!
  6. Trev

    I just HAD to buy this...

    No worries mate!
  7. Trev

    I just HAD to buy this...

    Dexplosion, ha ha ha ha ha ha! I love it.
  8. Trev

    I just HAD to buy this...

    Retro, after soaking in the vinegar overnight I cover the rods with baking soda, which neutralises the acid in the vinegar and stops it going further. Then I clean it off with a toothbrush. Works great!
  9. Trev

    I just HAD to buy this...

    Probably not. These makers of fine vinegars are very specific... :laughing5:
  10. Trev

    I just HAD to buy this...

    I think we've all used the vinegar/baking soda trick for cleaning tension rods and washers and things at some time or other, but could there be a better-named vinegar on the market? I spotted this in an Asian supermarket (I was looking for something interesting for dinner) and just couldn't...
  11. Trev


  12. Trev

    Halloween Find 2

    Cheers lads. Steele can definitely sort you out, Baz. Love to see how it goes!
  13. Trev

    Halloween Find 2

    Baz, if you're willing to send all the way over here to Oz it might be worth checking out Kentville Drums site. Steele makes kangaroo hide heads, any size you want, pre-international, whatever. He's also a member here and is always willing to have a chat. Just a...
  14. Trev

    Bass drum ID help...

    Thanks Zickos. Yeah, marching drum for sure, I was also thinking 20s or 30s. 26" hoops, not sure about the shell depth, possibly about 9 or 10". I didn't actually get to measure it properly or take off the heads to have a peek inside, so there may be more info to be found in there. But before...
  15. Trev

    Bass drum ID help...

    A fiddle player friend of mine has had this drum for many years. I have no idea what it is, but I told him I would try to find out. There are no markings or badge on it, and the tension rods and claws are all mismatched. There's also only one clip-on spur, which could be anything. I figure...
  16. Trev

    Craigslist strange drum

    That top hoop looks like a snare bottom hoop to me - there are snare gates on it. Buy the dam thing so we can check it out properly! :happy11:
  17. Trev

    Slingerland BD Decal

    Barrhaven Drumguy on Ebay. I've bought a couple from him and they're very good. I believe he has the 60s one you mentioned, Slingyfan. I also think he's a member here.
  18. Trev

    Show me your vintage MIJ Stencil

    A long term resto project - I think this is non-Star Hoshino, but there's a definite Star-ishness coming through. There is no badge, but a pennant-shaped glue stain where it was. Have not been able to properly id this drum. Just the BD for the moment...
  19. Trev

    Japanese lugs?

    I agree, looks like Star to me.
  20. Trev

    The Vintage Find of a Lifetime....or maybe not.

    That wallpaper - why do I keep thinking of Laugh-In? Great story though, your mate Don sounds like a real hoot!