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    Gretsch Finish closest to vintage Mustang Bullit Racing Green

    Hi guys, Ma father, a great man, past away last November. On one of his better days in palliative care, we had a great discussion about his youth, all personal stuff. One of his fondest memories seemed to be drivig his Mustang Bullit in racing green. I don't know the exact year, but since...
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    Complete Yamaha AMH or RC's or new USA Custom ?

    Hi guys, I am on the fence between taking up a good deal on a A-1 used wrapped USA Custom (20-12-14) or adding an 18 bd and a 14 ft to my Yamaha hybrids (red autumn 22x18, 10-12-16). Price difference is 500$ less for add-ons than for the new kit. Other option would be to buy an 18 bd for my...
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    Ian Chang - sensory percussion

    I don't know what to make of this. With the Ead10 and other electro-"acoustic" drumming taking up a larger part of drum marketing these days, is this where we are going or is it more a...
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    Yamaha Live Custom hardware

    Hey guys, Seriously considering the purchase of a LC kit. My main concern is with the smokey black finish. Has any of you heard of or experienced chipping on the rims (I like playing on the rims...). I'll Try a maple hybrid as well for comparison, as both interest me. This would be for the...