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    Ludwig sky blue pearl bop kit - 18/12/14 with matching snare

    Posting this for a friend. he's looking for a Ludwig sky blue pearl kit (bop config.) - 18/12/14 with a matching snare. it's doesn't matter the era, if that helps. if you have one, please PM me, and we'll talk. thanks craig
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    Basement find- Ludwig & Ludwig - need some assistance

    A friend was cleaning up her mom's basement, and came across these drums. They are in pretty rough shape, but I think they can be cleaned up. Can some of you experts take a look at the snare. It's got the etched tan oval "USA" badge, which dates it to later 1920 (per the rob cook ludwig...
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    Premier - significance of pre-67 era

    For you Premier guys - what is the significance of "pre 1967" - I see that distinction on a lot of auctions. Is this similar to Rogers "pre CBS" ?? How do you identify this era of drums, and are they built better? We've got a 12 tom and 20 BD in a Black Diamond Pearl type of finish. thanks !
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    Floor tom identification - does anyone know the make ?

    Can anyone help me out and tell me what kind of floor tom this is ? Lugs look like Slingerland Radio King, and mounts look like Ludwig ? This is the only picture we have - any ideas? Thanks !
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    Ludwig Super / Supraphonic lug mounting screws question

    I seem to recall reading an article which explained the different cup washers and lug mounting screws by timeframe / date range. for example, I have 60/61 brass super with the cup washers, and slotted lug mounting screws. The kind you would use a straight blade screwdriver on. Here is the...
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    Leedy Floor Tom - Assistance with age of drum, etc

    I've got a Leedy floor tom. Looks like Nickel lugs. It's got gold plated rims, which I suspect are not original. Also, I don't think the legs are original. Can anyone tell me how old this drum is, based on the badge? It's got some issues like the wrap coming unglued in one spot, but it's a...
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    need some help doing searches in forums

    I was in the "for sale" forum, and wanted to do a search for SJC drums. I tried the advanced search, and put it in quotes "SJC", and could not get any hits. I know there is an SJC item for sale, as I saw it in there. It was posted recently. I've also had the same problem searching for WFL...
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    White interior on a Ludwig Transition Badge snare ?

    Anyone ever seen a white interior on a Ludwig snare with a trans badge? Normally these are clear mahogany. Seems like the painted interiors came in about 1962, but this is a 59 or 60 drum. I know they sometime found badges "after the fact" and used them, but this just seems a little off...
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    1958 WFL Super (COB)

    Was just browsing some pictures, and spotted this one of my 1958 WFL super. A pretty rare drum, in very good shape. Here is part of an article, courtesy of Kirk Higgins: Our story begins in 1959. Bill Ludwig Jr. had just bought back the family name from the C. G. Conn company in 1955, and...
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    Rogers Blue Glass Glitter (blue sparkle) snare collection

    It's been a while since I've been on. Thought I better come up with something good. Here are a few pix of my Rogers Blue Sparkle snare collection. Started this a few years back, and it just kept going. Thanks to Jeff Herman, I was able to add the Century last year (this is a drum I wanted...
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    Ludwig 1123 Hi-Hat auction - it had great pix

    About a week ago, I found a thread on here about a Ludwig 1123 Hi-Hat auction which has sold for $300.00 That auction had some great pix on there that I'd like to use as a reference. There were great close ups. I don't seem to be able to locate it. Anyone here have a link to that completed...
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    How Do I measure my Conga Head to get the right size?

    I've got a conga drum (Royce) that I'm replacing the head on. Question: How do I measure the drum to insure I've bought the right size? If I measure top of bearing edge to top of bearing edge, the measurement is 9 1/2 inches. If I measure side-to-side on the bearing edge (the way you would...
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    Rogers Student Model - 1964

    Rogers Experts: I'm trying to find out if they made the Student Model in Blue Sparkle. It's a 6 lug drum with Beavertails, but it has clips that go over the rim. This is NOT the Banner or Classmate model. It's actually called the Student model, and is shown in the upper left of page 154 in Rob...
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    Slingerland early 60's Kit - help please

    I've been told that the Slingerland 60's kits are becoming a little more collectable - is that true? I need some opinions on this kit - I'd like to get an idea of what it might be worth in today's market. 60's Slingerland 22/13/16 - Tom and Bass are from 1964 Floor is from 1966. Would make a...
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    Got my Ludwig 100th anniversary engraved BB today

    I've never owned an engraved drum before, let alone this amazing specimine. John Aldridge did a fantastic job on these. Here's a picture.
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    Anyone know when the Ludwig 100th anniversary snares will show up

    Just wondering if anyone has the scoop on the Aldridge engraved 100th anniversary snares. I heard thru the grapevine that the finish/plating on the shells were wrong, and they had to get another batch made up. Anyone got an ETA on when these might be done?
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    WFL COB Supra on Ebay - anyone here bidding?

    Just wondering if any DFO members are bidding on this WFL COB Super Ludwig (aka supraphonic). I'm VERY familiar with the drum, as I used to own it, and in my opinion, there are a few things that should be disclosed, which aren't on the current auction. In fact, I'll just post the two links...
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    Look what I got for 73 bucks

    In my unending quest to collect EVERY model of Cleveland Era Blue Sparkle Rogers Snares, I've added another to my collection. A real nice classmate: cHECK IT OUT:
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    Rare Supers/Supras - 58 WFL, and 61 Lud. Brass Lacquer

    Hey Everyone! Here a some pix of a few rare Super Ludwigs/Supras. Note that they were called Super Ludwigs up until about 1963/64. However, most people refer to them as supraphonics. The Chrome one is a 1958 (ish) WFL Super The Brass one is a 1961 (ish) pre-serial Ludwig keystone badge brass...
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    1959 COB Supersensitive 6.5 - Trans badge - new acquisition

    In my never ending quest to collect every model of trans badge metal "supra" / super ludwig, I was able to pick up a '59 Super Sensitive w/trans badge - 6.5 deep. Just need the original snares and snare guards. This one is in really good shape, and the pix are before cleaning. On the "list...