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    Buy/Play/Pass: Which lower-priced kit would you & why?

    I would get a Yamaha stage custom way before most 1-3k$ kits any day. It is enough drum for any pro drummer. You mostly pay for high-end finishes nowadays.
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    George Way Tuxedo 5 Piece Drum Set Gretsch Shells (One of a kind!)

    I would not trade any of my Dunnett snares for anything less that a Dunnett snare...except maybe a nice Geo Way snare of course !
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    Drum Center of Portsmouth - PENDING Experience

    Bad public reviews are to me the equivalent of revenge porn. They never serve anyone’s interest. Talk it out, involve a third party that can actually do something to resolve the situation if need be. Airing it out to get back at someone is just petty. Having dealt with drummers and seeing...
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    OT: Coronavirus - COVID-19

    Hopefully the situation will have blown over a bit by that time. Obstetrics depts. should be relocated in adjacent buildings. Maybe inquire for smaller clinics close by or other possible options ? Keep us posted, best of luck to your family.
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    My Yammy's

    One of the problems I find with ekits compared to acoustic kit is they lose value as soon as they leave the store and then continue to decline as new and better technology rolls out.
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    Best new drum instruction books/media?

    Mark Guiliana’s book is great.
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    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    Double pedals can be useful in the right hands of well-trained drummers, but are mainly used as a crutch for drummers who are not willing to put in the time to learn proper technique. I lose faith in humanity when I see drummers resting their left foot on the slave for 97%of the duration of a...
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    Im thinking about buying a Electronic Drum Set .... Ok buying

    Hi ! If it helps, I have owned 2 e-kits : TD-3 for a couple of years (early 2000s) which I sold as soon as I got a house. TD-15 when I had my second kid and which I sold about a month later. They are not "not loud". The "wood on rubber" shots do carry (rims and cymbal), and so does the...
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    What is the most unusual kit you've played? rare, famous, unusual set up, etc.

    I bought the RCs played by Larnell Lewis duuring a clinic 2 years ago. I’ll take a picture of the message he left inside the bass drum when I get back home next week. Talk about big shoes to fill !
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    A little GEORGE WAY love... I don't consider myself a collector but these things are mutipling! SHOW YOURS!

    4-5 years ago I passed on a studio 20-12-14 in piano black with a slight blemish on the bd, selleing for 1300$cad. I am still kicking myself over that one. That kit was the bomb. I own and love two dunnett snares (ti and brass), and a GWay kit is on my short list if I ever need/want another kit.
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    What finish is this?!?!?

    The red viking is also amazing, it looks like the whole kit is on fire !
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    Painfully sad article about Neil Peart's final days

    This obsession some have with cause of death and end of life circumstances is so disheartening, not to say sickening. I mean, does any of it change the end result ? Voyeurism and attention seeking is what it is. To those concerned I would definitely suggest some volunteer work at an end of...
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    Winter Namm 2020

    Wait, what now ? I saw Beavis with Yamaha but I could not find anything about Nicko leaving, heck he just got there !
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    Ever Buy a Kit And Was Just "Not Yours"?

    Every kit with a vintage vibe, as I had no use for such a sound. It’s all modern Yamaha for me nowadays, no more GAS for the foreseeable future. Brass and Titanium Dunnett snares for rock and recording, yamaha ahm for the rest.
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    Winter Namm 2020

    With all due respect and notwithstanding the man’s strong opinions, « better » is a term to be used with caution here IMHO. I have witnessed unforgivable flaws on Ludwig shells, having owned and quickly sold a legacy maple and reading other’s horror stories on forums, but I have yet to see...
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    I need a Pearl Rep

    If you don’t get your answer here, you can try your luck there :
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    A Disturbed Grandmother Is "Down With The Sickness"

    When someone says « my grandma is cooler than your grandma », and you wonder what in the world that could possibly mean ? I am going to bed smarter tonight than when I woke up this morning.
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    Suggestions for a used double pedal wanted!

    Featherweight feel : tama speedcobra or yamaha Heavier feel : dw3000-5000 I prefer a heavier feel, and replaced my SC with 3000&5000. No real difference between each for my personal taste (3 I bought new, 5 used...). I do have stronger legs than average so I feel the need to have a good...
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    Linus and Lucy: With the original drummer Jerry Granelli Trio

    I called the guys in the shop about 3-4 years ago to inquire, but I was weary of paying up front.
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    Linus and Lucy: With the original drummer Jerry Granelli Trio

    What a musician! Beautiful playing. On a complete different topic, can we please bring back Ayotte ? I would buy a kit, you would buy a kit, everyone would buy a kit. I am distantly on board with Rogers and Slingerland, but I am 100% on Ayotte.