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    Maybe its the quarantine bringing out the best of my OCD, but I noticed that the Drums for Sale has a period on it in the forum list and is the only one. Nothing of significance in this post beyond that :) Good day and hope all is well with everyone. -Steve
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    INDe 5.5x15 RESoArmor Snare Drum 2019 Gold Sparkle, W/ Case Josh is listing for me so if you have any questions or offers, feel free to message me. Thanks, Steve
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    Snare stand advice

    Have a virgin 24 bass drum and want to raise my 13 Tom up and more to the right or closer to center of the bass drum. Looked into mounting it but it’s too high up so the goal is to move it a little more with a snare stand with a boom. I’ve seen DW ones but was curious if anyone had a better...
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    On the fence

    Looking at both a Keplinger Brass and JN TKO Brass (both 6.5 x 14). Heard and played the JN but was hoping to get any opinions on how they differ in sound as I’ve only heard videos of the Kep. Open to a 3rd option I should consider as well . Thanks for any input given in advance. -Steve
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    New use for cymbals?

    LOL - Ran across this in a Ford FE Motor group I'm in: -Steve
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    Pretty Amazing Work

    Not personally interested in buying, but admiring the amount of detail done by John Aldridge.... -Steve
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    Standing Up

    Odd question... When I stand up and play on a practice pad or snare, I feel there is much more freedom and control of what I'm doing. I guess the best way to say it is it's much more comfortable to do any rudiments etc.. in the standing position. When I sit at the kit, I've tried a bunch of...
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    SOLD - George Way Tradition Walnut Matte 22/13/16

    Purchased from Drum Center of Portsmouth about 6 months ago, these have never left the house. All heads are replacement Remo Vintage Amb on Batter, Diplomats on the Reso. Bass Drum has a PS3 Fiberskyn Batter with a PS3 Felt Tone Fiberskyn Reso. I also have all original heads that shipped with...
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    Vistalite set on Craigslist

    Driving over today to look at in person. What do you guys/gals think I should offer and what might they be worth if they check out? Thanks, Steve
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    **SOLD** Gretsch 14x6.5 USA Custom Bell Brass Snare Drum

    Owned for about 6 months and in mint condition. Bought new from Memphis but am shuffling some things around with new kits and snares. Has Puresound Super 30's but will be happy to swap back to the 42's that came with it. Happy to send more detailed pics or answer any questions. Thanks, Steve
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    The excitement begins!

    Today I worked with Josh @ Inde to put a custom order together for a 3 piece (24/13/16) satin kit. It will pair beautifully with the ResoArmor snare (6.5x14) I bought from him @ the Chicago show. I live in Kalamazoo, so I was able to meet Josh in person to go through options and...
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    Apologies if this is old news....ran into this site from a Facebook post. It's notsomoderndrummers drum only Reverb like site :) -Steve
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    SOLD - Pearl Eliminator

    Pearl Eliminator with 3 Total Cams (Red, White, Blue). Within the last couple of months, I've put a new floorboard, spring and chain to refurbish it as its roughly 7-8 yrs old. Works great, I just have too much gear right now. Asking 75 dollars shipped. Will be at Chicago Drum Show and will...
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    Pearl d2000 Roadster (ergo) Throne

    Pearl Roadster (no base) 75 shipped - Bought new about 8 years ago. Still in excellent shape and has been my go to. Just like the Soundseat that much better. I will also be at the Chicago Drum show Saturday morning. If I don't have to ship, I'll take off 15. Thanks, Steve
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    Tune Bot Tuning Question

    I've been really happy with the tune fact, it's really been a game changer.....question is getting specific on the snare (or any other drum for that matter). I have my batter tuned to D4 (311), and the Reso at 392 (G4)..... While fine tuning and experimenting, I dropped the reso to a...
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    No longer availabile - 14in Meinl Byzance Traditional Hi-Hats

    Purchased in set about 3 months ago. Looking for either 14/15in Meinl Byzance but in the dry or vintage series. Willing to add cash if needed as well to make it even. Steve