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  1. J

    Better Sizes or Better Kit?

    To me (unless you´re talking USA Customs vs Forums) I´m all about sizes. Sizes > Overall quality.
  2. J

    NAMM 2020 => Mapex

    Mapex is cool. They need to improve their badge game though. That badge is not on par.
  3. J

    Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Like My Craviotto Snare?

    Kinda OT but had an Vaughncraft DW and it wasn´t my cup of tea. Sold it. New owner was really happy! Sell it and move on would my humble opinion.
  4. J

    Helluva Unboxing Video: Tama Star Maple

    I salute the guy. Life is short. 25k is lot of cash, but is not student debt territory. Hope he´s enjoying them...
  5. J

    Gig Video, Band's First Time Out

  6. J

    What's Your Favorite Drum Tuning Key?

    Yamaha. For sure!
  7. J

    Ludwig and Ludwig snare id

    Thanks guys, great info! I was thinking about doing that... keeping the shell and putting some tube lugs on it... Treason?
  8. J

    Ludwig and Ludwig snare id

    Hey guys... What can you tell me about this snare? How much is worth in that condition? Cheers! J.
  9. J

    Just snagged an Odery Cafe Kit

    Nice kit! Congrats!
  10. J

    Ludwig Cup Washers

    I need 16 Ludwig cup washers to reassemble my lovely Supra. Shoot me a line! Thanks! J.
  11. J

    DW Performance Series Low Pro... Hack or Wack?

    They´re kinda ugly and quite expensive, but I still think that I could use something like this... I don´t care the snare, but the rest of the kit looks promising... Anyone tried it?!
  12. J

    WTB: Steinberg Elicenser (usb dongle)

    Need it to use Cubase on my studio (already have the license). Thanks so much! J.
  13. J

    Focusrite Saffire Pro 24

    80 bucks shipped?
  14. J

    Focusrite Saffire Pro 24

    Great to get into recording. Works great. Power supply and FireWire cable included. 100 bucks shipped. Trades accepted. Hit me up!
  15. J

    WTB: Need a decent cheapo guitar

    Ibanez is cool, but their necks are way too thin for me (at least the ones I´ve tried). Classic strat (even a tele) is more my type of axe.
  16. J

    WTB: Need a decent cheapo guitar

    I really want to improve my chops... Got a rusty MIM strat? A dusty Warmoth? Hit me up... :) Cheers!
  17. J

    OT: Losing my dad.

    Sorry man. Stay strong.